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Voucher Platform Launches Services For Bitcoin Lightning Network

Azteco, platform vouchers bitcoin, March 31 announced the launch of its services for Lightning Network. With this tool, exchanges are much more efficient, being able to acquire bitcoin with them for small amounts of fiat money, while reducing exchange rates.

According to the announcement published on the official Azteco blog , vouchers can be exchanged for the Lightning Network or for bitcoin in the base layer ; depending on network conditions.

Thus, in the case that the exchange is made for bitcoin in the base layer, the commission for the transaction will depend on the network congestion, so it could cost from US cents to USD 9 or more, While, if These exchanges are made through the Lightning Network, the rate has a cost of USD 0.

The redemption of Azteco vouchers through the Lightning Network is done immediately to wallets that have this tool. The vouchers can be purchased for a minimum of USD 1, through its suppliers. At this time, offers are available in retail stores in the United States, Mexico, Panama, Spain , Jamaica, Norway, United Kingdom, Portugal, Lagos, Cameroon, Kenya and Japan.

Bitcoin over Lightning means that anyone with a budget Android phone can redeem an Azteco Lightning voucher for $ 1 with no fees. This means that millions of people can use bitcoin privately and instantly, all over the world, with very small amounts of money.

Azteco, bitcoin voucher platform.
With Azteco running on the second layer of Bitcoin , the identity of the users remains anonymous , while their transactions are carried out through private channels.

The vouchers Lightning Network Azteco can be redeemed at 16 bitcoin wallets so far, although it is expected to soon be many more. Among the wallets that accept these vouchers are: Phoenix and BlueWallet , who since 2020 use the Lightning Network; Breez, who has a new project to reward podcasters with bitcoins , Zebedee, and the Pine and Edge apps, among others.

Azteco is not the only platform vouchers that has implemented the tool Lightning Network on its platform since 2020, as quoted by CriptoNoticias, the Spanish platform Bitnovo implement a full node Lightning Network , with the same purpose as Azteco, increase speed of bitcoin transactions, while lowering your fees.

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