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Why Xmax is Better than Nmax?

Yamaha XMax is one of the famous automatic motorbikes in Indonesia. This amazing motorbike is one of the bestsellers with sales reaching hundreds of units every month. XMax is also often compared to other Honda motorbikes, namely Yamaha NMax.

Even though NMax is also one of the famous automatic motorbikes, many people tend to buy XMax instead of NMax. They think that NMax is better than NMax. Then why Yamaha XMax is popular than NMax? Here are some of the reasons that you must know.

  1. Better Engine

The first reasons why XMax is better than NMax is because XMax carries a 250 or 300 cc SOHC engine. Maximum hook power reaches 22.5 Tk / 7,000 rpm. Then the torque is at a fairly low rotation, 24.3 Nm / 5,500 rpm. The rear wheel is at risk of natural slippage, but it is resolved with the TCS. The rear wheel rotation will be aligned to the front tires by the ECU.

This is what you haven’t encountered in the latest NMax. Even though it already has TCS, NMax still uses a 155 cc mechanical engine. So we know that XMax is better than NMax.

  •  Offers a Different Impression

With that much engine capacity, it is normal when XMax has a bigger body than NMax. The dimensions of XMax are 2.185 x 775 x 1465 mm (LxWxH). Meanwhile, All-New NMax: 1935 x 740 x 1160 mm. This design also has an impact on the accommodation of luggage. The XMax trunk is capable of containing two full-face helmets.

Due to the elongated design of the trunk, it also affects the shape of the XMax seat. It has a wide rear cross-section, both for riders and passengers. Suitable for those of you who like to travel long distances. The NMax baggage is 24 litres. However, it can only accommodate one helmet unit so the seat is not as big as the XMax.

  • Features

Even though these motorbike has many features, and yet we know that Yamaha XMax has more complete features than NMax. Xmax is equipped with a power outlet that you just found at NMax. Besides, Xmax is also equipped with a keyless contact system which is only available on NMax for the Connected / ABS 

  • Stable and Sturdy Handling

Because the XMax body is big and heavy, this motorbike certainly feels more stable and sturdy. Even if you are driving at high speed. This is what gives comfort to the rider as well as the passenger, which maybe you haven’t found this comfort in the Yamaha NMax.variant.

  • The Price

Although the price of used XMax has decreased significantly, it is still more expensive than the price of All New NMax. The top version of NMax (Connected / ABS) is still cheaper than the used XMax. This is what makes many people prefer to buy Xmax rather than NMax.

Those are some reasons why XMax is better than Nmax. These reasons also recommend that it will be better if you choose XMax rather than NMax.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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