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XNSPY Review: The Best Spy App for Both Android- and iOS-based devices [TESTED]

Internet is a dangerous place. There is no denying that the real world was always filled with dangers. But with the rapid growth in technology, everybody is consumed with all things electronic, especially smartphones.

With the increasing use of smartphones coupled with the internet and social media. New security threats are surfacing every day.

There is not a single day where you don’t pick up your mobile to make calls for work or exchanging messages with friends over an IM app. Your kids and loved ones use it to stay connected to one another.

But what happens if someone with illicit intentions gets in contact with them?

You will need some tools to keep an eye on your loved ones.

Let’s say you wanted to “spy on someone,” such as your kids, then you can do it simply by installing spyware on their phones. Because these spyware apps can keep track of a mobile phone and all activities that happen on it.

Most people carry their phones everywhere with them. Your children do too, right? Then this will become a surefire way to know where they are and what they are doing at any time.

What’s more, spy apps can help companies keep an eye on their employees as well.

You want to know whether your staff is doing their job properly or not? Do you want to know if they stealing your company secrets?

It’s all possible using mobile spyware program.

Now, you might be wondering that where can you get these apps? 

But don’t you worry!

Many similar spyware programs are floating around on the internet. But, not all are worth entrusting your kids’ safety or your company’s future. However, you can still find several reliable spy apps for Android- or iOS-based mobiles.

One such example of mobile spy apps is XNSPY. So, starting now, we will discuss how it can help you better monitor your kids or increase your staff’s productivity.

XNSPY Review

XNSPY is a pioneer in the industry of mobile monitoring apps with satisfied customers based all over the world. The spyware claims to deliver you a top-notch monitoring service for all your child monitoring or employee tracking needs.

To help you better understand, we will introduce the XNSPY to you and why it’s the solution for all spying requirements. Then we are going to discuss what mobile devices and operating systems it supports. After that, we will talk about how you can get the app and install it on a phone. Once we’re done with that, we can move on to explaining its features and finally ending with other useful details.

Without further ado, let’s delve into it!

What is Xnspy?

XNSPY is simply a spy app that monitors everything happening on a phone. It discreetly records every activity on the device and uploads the data and relative information to its online web server. While the server and all its data can be accessed through the app’s web-based dashboard. More details on that later. 

The hidden mobile spy app helps extract the data and lets you monitor the target phone remotely. That makes the XNSPY monitoring app a one-stop solution for spying on cell phones.              

Being the first to introduce such spying services, XNPSY claims to have the working solution to all your requirements regarding monitoring mobiles.

By the time we started writing this review, our tech team had already vigorously tested its functionalities and reported that it delivers on all its functionality claims successfully.  

Now, moving on to…

Compatible Mobile Devices

The app’s available for both iOS- and Android-based phones. So, that means it supports the two major mobile operating systems installed on various top-selling mobiles available in the market. 

Its Android spy app is compatible with all Android versions from 4.0 onwards. While iOS devices with iOS version 6.0 and above are within its compatibility range. Basically, the spyware supports all the latest and old smartphones currently in use. 

Having compatibility issues can be daunting when you are trying to include such an app on a company level. But that will not be the case here as it is compatible with most mobile devices and their operating systems.

Subscribing to XNSPY and its Installation

Yes, the XNSPY phone monitoring is a subscription-based service. As we mentioned earlier, you will need to purchase its subscription to use the spy app.

You can even opt for a live demo of their services. But it’s better to read our review as we have already bought the subscription and tested the monitoring app for your convenience. 

Following are the steps you can take to subscribe and install the XNSPY monitoring app:

Step 1: Visit the XNPSY official website.

Step 2: Click on the “Buy Now” button on the top right corner of their website.

Step 3: Choose the appropriate device option (Android or iOS) according to your target phone.

Step 4: Select a suitable subscription package.

Note: You can choose from either the Basic (available at USD 4.99 per month) or the Premium version (offered at USD 7.49 a month) as per your needs.

Step 5: After successfully subscribing, open their email you received to get your XNSPY login credentials, an installation or setup guide, and a download URL or APK file depending on your  device and subscription package.

Step 6: Once you have installed the monitoring app, it will disappear from the applications’ list and the tracking process will start.

Step 7: Now, go to the XNSPY website and log in using your given credentials in the emails you received. 

Step 8: Select the relevant device under the “My Devices” tab.

Step 9: Finally, you will land on its control panel where you check data recorded using its different spying features.

But what are its features? Let’s discuss them now!


Here are the spying features that make XNSPY the best spy app for Android- and iOS-based cell phones in 2021.

Monitoring Phone Calls

You can monitor or record calls using the app. This feature enlists listening in on calls, recording them, and check any call details you require. Because viewing phone long information also falls under this function.

Recorded calls can be remotely listened to using the app’s web-based dashboard through any internet browser you use. As everything is uploaded on its online web server. 

Texts Tracking

Obviously, this function lets you view all texts sent or received on a phone. Also, includes details on date and time stamps along with the sender’s contact information.

Screen and Ambient Sound Recording

They are two different features but still very similar. Screen recording includes taking periodic screenshots of the target phone’s screen remotely. While the Ambient Sound Recording function allows you to remotely turn on the device’s mic to listen in on the background noises in its surroundings.

The XNSPY mobile spy app does all this in complete stealth mode without notifying the monitored user in any way. 

GPS Location Tracking

No spyware can be declared useful if it cannot capture the phone’s location with pinpoint accuracy. That’s what you get with this monitoring app. You can track the monitored user’s location accurately in real-time. 

In case the monitored phone gets disconnected from the internet. A location history backup is being updated within the app that is later uploaded to its server when the phone gets reconnected.

This will allow you to ensure your kids’ safety around the clock.

Watchlist Instant Notifications 

While testing the app, we came across its watch list instant alerts. This is a unique feature of the app that allows you to have a hands-off approach to monitoring mobile phones. 

You can add any words, locations, or contact numbers to their relevant watch list and be instantly notified in case a relevant term is mentioned or appears on the target phone. 

This function can help employers do a great job at monitoring employees without having to go through the fetched data all the time. Instead, they will receive instant alerts and then they can act accordingly without wasting any time.

Any Other Features?

Telling you all about its full range of spying functions can take a lot of time. So, we will go over them briefly. Using the XNSPY monitoring app you can also:

  • View all media files stored on the target mobile i.e. audio and video files and photos.
  • App viewing and blocking features that let you monitor app usage and give you the ability to block them remotely.
  • Remote phone lock and data wipe are also available among its monitoring features.

Now, let’s talk about a major concern most people have about spyware apps.

Is XNSPY a Legitimate App?

Yes, it is a 100% legal mobile spy app. XNSPY is known as one of the most reliable monitoring tools because it condemns any illegal use of its services.  

As long as the person being monitored is aware of the phone spying activities, such tracking apps are considered totally legitimate.

Our Final Take on XNSPY 

With the real world and virtual threats on the rise, spy apps are becoming a necessity for parents. On the other hand, due to the Covid pandemic, employers constantly require such remote-tracking tools to know what their workers are up to. 

That’s why after our team’s thorough evaluation of XNSPY’s compatibility, subscription costs, stealth, features, and overall performance. We must say it’s more than a fair spying solution within the price it is offered (that we mentioned under the subscribing and installation part of the post). 

So, in case you’re a parent worried for your children or an employer concerned with your staff’s performance. XNSPY monitoring app can be the most affordable solution for your spying requirements.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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