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Your Search is Over: Here are the Cheapest Auto Insurance Companies You Can Find

People tend to think twice when it comes to having their cars insured. The idea that they would spend an expensive amount of money just for the potential costs of the possible damages it may sustain in the future seldom gets a nod. Despite the tireless persuasion of the insurance agents, a seemingly “expensive investment” of insurance is a huge hurdle for them to overcome. The amount to maintain insurance seems like the only deciding factor for most people, and the benefits that may come from each policy is an additional or bonus factor for them.

What if insurance companies are offering your dreamlike cheaper car insurance? Would you decide favorably on getting insured? Because there are quite enough insurance companies that provide cheap car insurance quotes. Yes, you read it right. There are, and there’s a few of them.

Cheapest Car Insurance Companies You Might Want to Take a Look

Although they are the insurance companies that offer the cheapest rates, their services may or may not be limited to the United States. It may depend on whether or not they have a branch outside that can be near you. A much more in-depth study and comparison of insurance quotes is highly encouraged. The insurance companies listed here were compared thoroughly with other companies to provide you choices if ever you have decided to apply for one, and one of these is near your place. Here are some of them:

To start, let’s begin with USAA as the cheapest car insurance company. However, their service is only limited to the active, retired, and military members discharged as honorable and their family members. If you are eligible to apply to USAA, it can be the best insurance company for you. It has a low average rate of $885 per year, which is incredibly lower than its competitors, and also if you compare that with the average car insurance cost, you’ll realize that USAA’s rates are an absolute bargain. In short, if you are qualified with the USAA, it may be impossible to pass these attractive deals.

Geico follows USAA as the second cheapest with a rate of $1,168 annually. It is $300 higher than USAA, but it does not offer insurance for military members only. This insurance company is famous for providing the lowest rates for drivers, which is still hundreds of dollars cheaper than any other insurance company.

State Farm made it to the third spot providing an offer of a $1,234 annual representative rate. This company is known for offering these low rates even for drivers with not-so-good records or those who had an accident or speeding ticket in the past. So, if you have at least an accrue ticket in your history, State Farm is a good insurance company to go to.

Travelers fell within fourth place. For a representative rate of $1,267 annually, it is not that far compared to State Farm and Geico. The company boasts its offers rating below the national average regardless of age, gender, credit score, and the most important for some, driving history.

Progressive is the fifth cheapest insurance company. Its premium rate is still a little bit below the national average of $1,373. Like State Farm, Progressive offers low rates to drivers with DUI in its profile; however, it is included among the companies that provide expensive rates for driver profiles with an accident.

Finding Cheaper Car Insurance

Almost everyone wants to have car insurance, but they specifically wish for cheaper insurance without letting go of the necessary basic coverage that they certainly need. Finding one, at the same time comparing and reviewing several quotes to find the right company offering cheaper rates per year, is mentally and physically tiring.

Since all the activities seem to be transported online, some websites provide comparison of statistics featuring the most and least expensive car insurance for every states to lessen the mental hassle with the technologically changing world.

It is not always easy for us to find the right auto insurance company and the perfect fit for the policy. It is still relatively harder to find the cheaper insurance company offering the right system for our needs. Since it is an important task to do when applying for insurance, we need to encourage ourselves to find the right company, offering an affordable premium rate for the perfect policy fitting what we wish.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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