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4 Out Of 10 Companies Do Not Comply With Registration Of Working Day

4 out of 10 companies do not comply with the registration of the working day. UGT de Catalunya denounces that an important part of the companies does not comply with the obligation to effectively control the working time of their staff and that half do not pay overtime

Two years after the entry into force of the mandatory working day registration , four out of ten companies do not comply correctly with the standard. This is derived from a survey conducted by UGT among its affiliates and published this Wednesday, which confirms a broad breach of the obligation of companies to effectively control the working time of their staff.

The data are in line with the balance that the Labor Inspection data allows, according to which two out of every three companies do not pass a review in terms of working times .

From the UGT they denounce that there are a significant number of companies that do not comply with current regulations and that the coronavirus has not contributed to the directions being applied in this matter. According to data compiled by the INE union, more than 4.3 million overtime hours were worked in Catalonia in 2020 .

Of these, half were not paid. A flow of unpaid work that, according to the union’s calculations, would create 2,600 jobs throughout Catalonia and represent a loss for the public treasury of 124 million euros.

Having a working day record but that the ‘official’ hours that leave at the end of the day are not the same as those that have actually been worked is the most common non-compliance detected by the central. 19.9% ​​of those surveyed by UGT affirm that they work more hours than those registered. And then there is another 13% who do not directly register their day.

The Telework has been a novelty that has distorted routines in businesses and one of the victims of this has been the record day. Well, according to the UGT survey, half of the people who started practicing remotely stopped registering their working hours properly; Either because before they operated with a manual signing and stopped doing it, or because once after signing they continued teleworking.

From the central they consider that the scarcity of resources of the Labor Inspectorate is one of the reasons that the implementation of this law still presents clear gaps. Like the low amount of infractions, punishable by amounts of up to 6,262 euros per company , regardless of the size of its workforce.

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