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Adding Modern Twists On A Traditional Home

The beauty of interior decorating is that you don’t have to follow strict rules and it is easy to mix different styles if you learn the tricks. The perks of traditional style are that it incorporates timeless elements into homes. Usually, the inspiration comes in the form of classic art and antiques influenced by European decor or from countries in the Far East.

This style creates a calm and fine space and everything goes perfectly together. Still, sometimes we want to alter the traditional spaces in our homes, as the aesthetic can begin to feel dull and predictable.

In this article, we share some suggestions on how to add modern twists to your home and create a living space that will be bold, yet inviting.

Bring Life And Embellish Your Walls

Typically, traditional homes have neutral walls but colors can always find their place and pop up in a room. This is usually achieved with art paintings, posters, wallpapers, and different frames that catch the eye of anyone walking into the room.

If you want to bring an up-to-date feel, interesting wall decor gives a clear transition to warmth and a modern vibe.

Whether you like stylish and classic wall decor, or want it more personal and colorful, there are a variety of framed prints that will fit in your home. Dare to mix styles and try out prints from great living artists and iconic brands, with abstract, black and white, or landscape motifs. Hanging frame prints is an easy and affordable way to create a more modern twist, allowing you to make a mark on your home.

Lighting As A Way to Bring Fresh Energy

Lighting is one of the most important elements of your decor and the ultimate design strategy that provides clean, compact, and versatile indoor space. Minimalist shapes of lights combined with wood or gold are often popular choices that blend well with a traditional space.

A tip is to introduce atmospheric lighting as it has become increasingly effective in modern interior design, giving a warm and soft effect to a white or beige wall.

Table lamps, LED curtain lights, suspended pendant lamps, or lively light sources are different alternatives you can choose from.

Floor lamps are also a good option and can easily be used to create an atmosphere or improve the functionality of a room. As they can be placed relatively freely in a room, they become a flexible light source. Their height level is also great for creating level differences simply and achieve a sense of dynamics in the room.

Carpets As A Soft Trendy Touch

When someone says a traditional home, a comfortable and welcoming space instantly crosses your mind. When you think about it, what other piece of interior detail than a carpet can give this cozy effect. And who doesn’t love to feel the soft material of a carpet under their feet first thing in the morning?

When trying to use a carpet as a way to create a modern twist on your traditional home, our recommendation is to place it in the living room as the focal point of the home.

In addition to its functional purpose, the right living room carpet can lift the whole room. Large, small, fluffy, luxuriously silky-smooth, solid color or patterned, no matter what the carpet looks like, it is an invaluable and modern detail for sprucing up space.

A carpet can bind furniture pieces together, give the dining area personality, create an inviting feeling and a beautiful appearance.

Curtains To Upgrade Your Home

Classic fabric curtains have been associated with a traditional, old-fashioned feel in the past. Today, curtains are making quite the comeback. With their climate-smart, luxurious and sustainable properties, curtains constitute today both a modern and trendy element in our interior.

They are often seen as a practical element in the home, and we are satisfied as long as they shield us from the sun and eliminate transparency. However, stylish fabric curtains fulfill many more functions than that. Patterns and fabric choices give a personal touch to your home, where you can easily show off your style whether you want a luxurious, romantic, or graphic feeling.

Choosing the most suitable curtains for your traditional home can work wonders.

To make the impression slightly more modern and well-combined with your furniture, you can choose vivid colors and fun patterns if the rest of the room is minimalistic or opt for neutral colors if you have a room where a lot is already going on. You can have a lot of fun with curtains and there are endless options to experiment with.

A tip is to use floor-length curtains also as a fantastic solution for a room divider. With this, you get a very exclusive and elegant divider that also creates peace in the room.

Do The Unexpected And Paint Your Doors

Doors that divide your room and closet doors can often be a boring element in an otherwise beautifully decorated traditional home.

Most people choose to splash a fresh color on their walls when they renovate or build houses, while doors are often forgotten. Therefore, you should not be afraid to change things up a little by painting the doors and allowing them to become as important a part of the interior as your floors and walls.

Think about whether you want doors in the same color as the wall, a tone-on-tone color, or maybe chalk-white or black doors.

Even if you have chosen a solid color theme, contrast is key. A stark contrast also creates a surprising element of imagination that is perfect for any home.

By choosing the right color and shade for your doors, just like the color for your walls, carpets, and curtains, you can create the atmosphere that suits your home and lifestyle, all while adding a modern twist even on the inside of traditional living space.

Final Thoughts

Sometimes no drastic measures are required to add modern twists to a traditional home. All you have to do is think a little creatively and look at simple interior details that can make a big difference and ensure a balanced environment.

Art on walls brings harmony to the living space, and the right lighting will upgrade and reflect the beauty of the interior. Search for a high-quality carpet and beautiful curtains as they fulfill an important aesthetic role in the home.  

Finish off by painting your doors in a different color as it is a quick fix that elevates the space and adds an exciting twist to an otherwise traditional home.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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