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Aragonès Visits CCOO Who Urges Him To Approve Some Strategic Budgets

The ‘president’ of the Generalitat, Pere Aragonès , visited the CCOO de Catalunya headquarters this Monday , in what was the first institutional visit to one of the most representative social agents in Catalonia.

The leader of the central with the most union delegates in the country, Javier Pacheco , has urged the ‘Honorable Molt’ to approve as soon as possible budgets “that take advantage of the funds of the European Union and the current debt limits to use them strategically” as made public by the union in a subsequent statement.

Aragonès has decided to visit number 32 of Via Laietana , after declining to participate in person at the CCOO confederal congress held this past weekend. He did pronounce a few words telematically to the delegates of the central, but, unlike other ‘presidents’, he did not participate from the arena.

This Monday, however, he did appear at the headquarters of CCOO de Catalunya, where he held a meeting with the leadership of the union. From the central they have thanked him for the ” symbolic gesture towards the working class ” and have demanded a “determined” government action to prevent the consequences of the economic crisis derived from the covid from falling on their backs.

Pacheco has transferred to Aragonès the concern of the union in relation to public investment in dependency and has urged him to “correct” the management of the dependency care system. “It is urgent and that is why we urge the Government to immediately begin talks to create the Catalan Dependency Institute “, the union leader has transferred to him.

A larger budget for the Renda Garantida de Ciutadania, while better coordinating with the Minimum Living Income (IMV) has been another of the demands transferred from CCOO.

The management of the European funds that fall into Catalonia will be a shared competence between ERC and JxCat in the scheme of the new Govner.

For this purpose, Pacheco has also had words for the Republican leader and has transmitted to him that from the central they will not accept investment projects “not negotiated” with the legal representation of the workers, as well as a fraudulent use of them and that they end up going destined to pay compensation for dismissal or to add to income accounts; without a social return on investment.

Pacheco has also asked the new ‘president’ to participate in social dialogue with employers and unions to move forward with the new legislation over the next few years and to travel to the spaces for consultation. Something that, in the opinion expressed by Pacheco himself on previous occasions, the previous Government lacked.

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