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Best Tools to Grow your YouTube Channel Effectively

Being the second busiest search engine globally, YouTube is flooded with thousands of channels that consistently generate brilliant content. The challenge to become a successful YouTube blogger by crating unique and excellent content is constantly on the rise. A YouTube channel is as good as the number of traffic, subscribers, and views you get on your videos. You could be creating the best video content on the planet; however, it’s pointless if no one watches it. That said, creating and promoting your videos isn’t exactly child’s play. It’s more complex than just buying real YouTube subscribers. But does that mean you should avoid it? Definitely not. The right set of YouTube tools can and take the pain out of the process. While the YouTube platform itself is an excellent tool, other third-party tools you can use to enhance your content and help you grow your YouTube audience effectively. These tools help you create exceptional videos easily and grow your YouTube channel by putting them right in front of your target audiences. Let’s take a look at some of the best tools for YouTube marketing out there.

YouTube Tool

YouTube Studio.

This is the official YouTube app for content creators. It’s a necessary mobile device tool for managing YouTube channels on the go. We live in a fast-paced world, and YouTube studio eradicates the constant need for a computer before you can manage your channel, especially in time-sensitive situations. YouTube Studio is equipped with analytics that allows you to monitor the performance of your channel in real-time. Through the YouTube studies, you can update your channel from anywhere, receive push notifications on your mobile devices with alerts for important events, control your monetization settings, thumbnails, scheduling, respond to comments and filter them directly from the app in seconds.

Third-party Tools


VidlQ helps grow your YouTube channel by identifying who is watching your content and the particular type of content they like. Then, you can create more content that appeal to your audience. VidIQ, platform offers SEO tools and provide detailed reports that can help you grow your channel effortlessly and improve your YouTube channel. In addition, the information provided can help you manage comments, identify influencers, and run a competitive comparison against other channels. Use the VidIQ free Google Chrome extension to Monitor keyword scores, views, top keywords, tags, and other search term metrics used by other channels all from one place see. In addition, you can also track your engagement on both YouTube and Facebook with the VidIQ tool.

Social Blade

The social blade will help you grow your YouTube channel by helping you track your statistics and compares them with competitors. The social blade will effectively improve your YouTube channel by giving you the freedom to compare up to three channels simultaneously in terms of subscribers, video views, and estimated earnings by date. This will give you leverage on how you stack up against competing channels.


To grow your YouTube channel, you have to promote your content on as many marketing channels as possible. To effectively do this, you’ll need to generate and post links to your YouTube channel and YouTube videos on other social media platforms. However, these links can be long, clumsy, and unappealing. To put the link in a smart and tidy manner, I recommend using Bitly to shorten the links. Bitly is an excellent tool because its advantages go beyond just YouTube content. You can use Bitly tool to shorten any link you’re about to promote.


Thumbnails are used to attract the attention of users on YouTube. When used effectively, the thumbnail can grow your YouTube channel by helping you get more clicks and views on your content. Pixlr software offers tons of photo editing options to help you create high-performing thumbnails. Pixlr allows you to include images into any video content and add layers and effects to any image. This software makes it easy to edit and upload content through any device.

Tubular Insights Also known as ReelSEO, Tubular Insights feed you with the latest video marketing strategy trends, tips, and analysis. There are available expert advice and guides on this network to help promote your video content. Tubular Insights tracks the video content on all platforms from across the world and breaks down these videos by trends. You can use timely and relevant information to produce trendy contents that will generate clicks, likes, and subscribers. You will find extremely easy-to-follow and great blog posts about all topics related to YouTube on this platform. You can search for top YouTube creators and study their steps to understand.

Keyword Tool

As the name suggests, Keyword Tool provides suggestions for YouTube keywords. Once you gather these keywords, you can then use these keywords in your tags, titles, and descriptions to optimize your YouTube channel for search. One of the major advantages of Keyword Tool is it offers long-tail keyword suggestions as well. In addition to YouTube, Keyword Tool can also generate relevant keywords for Amazon, Google, Bing, and other search engines. By using this tool, you’ll benefit from a higher ranking and more traffic to all your YouTube channels. Creating a great video isn’t enough; you need people to interact with your content to grow your account, and that’s where Keyword tool can be of good help. Optimize your YouTube for search to make sure your videos can be found through organic searches and improve your reach.

There’s no denying how amazing visuals contents are. The audience connects with visual content better, and it leaves a more lasting impression than text. It’s no surprise that marketers are inclined to use YouTube marketing to increase their reach. However, if you’re just uploading videos to YouTube without the right tools, your channel won’t grow. The compiled list above contains the most effective tools for everyone that want to grow their YouTube channel. It doesn’t matter if you’re an influencer, marketer, Internet personality, or an agency team member. These tools will effectively grow your YouTube channel by making your content better and managing the way your content gets distributed.

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