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How To Choose The Right Recruitment Software For Your Recruitment Firm?

Choosing any form of technological tools or recruitment software for your recruitment agency could be daunting at first. There are numerous SaaS websites on the internet competing with their counterparts, trying to prove a point regarding who has the best and well-featured CRM for recruitment, Applicant Tracking System, skills-based assessment tools, interview scheduling software etc. This might all be confusing to recruitment entrepreneurs, who are just starting to wrap their heads around recruiting. Therefore, in this article, Recruit CRM will discuss how to choose a recruitment software for your recruitment agency.

Do You Even Need A Recruitment Software?

If you’re a recruitment entrepreneur, you pretty well know that your agency recruiters will need a Recruitment CRM if they work in-house. This is primarily because they’ll have to manage an increasing candidate pool; they’ll be proactively sourcing candidates, communicating with both candidates and clients to maintain fruitful relationships and so on. So what are the few pointers you must look out for to conclude whether you need a recruitment software?

  • You actively source
  • You have a responsibility of maintaining a diverse candidate pool
  • You’re unable to recruit for those hard-to-fill open job roles
  • Time is being wasted
  • You’re still using the same old excel sheets to input data and manage the same

If this is what your agency recruiters are up to, then yes, you will need a recruitment software as soon as possible to balance work and time spent.

Top 5 Features Agency Recruiters Must Look Out For In A Recruitment Software

The main goals a recruitment agency strives to achieve when investing in a recruitment software are streamlining the hiring process, automating repetitive tasks, saving time, real-time data and analytics, and staying organised. Take a look at these 5 points below:

1. Must Be Customisable

A staffing firm needs to choose a software that can be customised according to their own personal and business needs. This will ensure that recruiters can work flawlessly and won’t have to switch ATS’ and CRMs repeatedly just because there’s one crucial feature missing. Remember that an Applicant Tracking System that can be configured as per your needs will always be the ultimate winner of the lot.

2. Interviews Can Be Scheduled & Managed

Another essential feature that recruiters need to keep in mind is not to look for a separate interview scheduling software. This will not be cost-effective, and constant switching between various software and apps can waste time. Instead, go for an ATS and CRM software that already comes with an interview scheduling and management feature. Figure out how much your ATS can automate. A good ATS and CRM will help you schedule interviews with candidates and clients and sync the same with everyone’s calendar.

3. 24*7 Customer Support

Imagine this— you’ve been stuck at a particular stage in your hiring cycle, and the entire hiring phase has been frozen because of it. It’s the middle of the night in the country where the ATS’ headquarters are, and there’s no customer support available. You’ll have to wait for another 8-10 hours to solve this query, and it’s going to be midnight now in your place. This cycle continues. Do you now understand the importance of 24*7 customer support? Research and find out which recruitment software in the market provides round-the-clock customer support and is fast because at the end of the day, all recruiters want is a sound investment in productive recruiting tools.

4. Real-Time Data & Analytics

Apart from providing top-notch security with GDPR and SSL sessions, ensure that your recruitment software also provides you with real-time data and analytics. Why is this important? Simply because you would now know which part of the hiring funnel you should invest more money in, which recruitment strategies are working, which aren’t and so on. Recruiters must be in touch with data to make informed decisions on how they’re approaching hire and something that would be useful in the long run.

5. You Must Have The Ability To Book A Free Demo

Now that you know some of the core features that recruiters need to look out for in a recruitment software, this is another feature that can help you understand whether the company is good enough for you. Book a free trial or a free demo, talk with their customer support team, ask them to come live on a webinar to teach you the basics of the software. This will ensure you’re informed in-depth about the ATS and CRM software. Once you’re pleased with all the features, you can, of course, go ahead and buy a plan as per your search firm’s needs.

If you have any more essential features in mind, comment below and let us know!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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