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How To Protect And Grow Your E-Commerce Business With Magento?

Any commercial project can potentially become the target of hacker attacks. Therefore, one should not miss the opportunity to protect user data and all other confidential information that is processed in huge quantities. But extensions are not limited to those that provide security. There are different directions of developing integrable extensions:

  • to secure purchases;
  • visual support and improvement;
  • scanning for security threats;
  • plug-in analytics extensions and more.

Not all of the extensions for Magento 2 on the market need to be implemented for your resource. So, additional solutions can be implemented for different purposes and be useful in individual cases. And despite the fact that after Magento 2 theme Migration the store is protected by default, security is never superfluous.

Magento Security Scan Tool: Solving Your Store’s Security Issues

One of the extensions that can ensure the security of user data and other information is SSTool. Despite all the simplicity of use and configuration, the extension can successfully prevent cyberattacks. Knowing that confidential information remains so is a huge plus for your store’s reputation. Along with the growth of trust, the indicators of sales, visits, and growth of positions in natural results will also grow proportionally.

This tool will allow the business owner to:

  • Detect potential malware.
  • Eliminate site security vulnerabilities.
  • Find and fix site security failures and more.

After the correct configuration of the security module, the user will definitely benefit from it. The setup must be done by professionals like https://elogic.co/ for everything to work accurately.!

What permissions do you need to know about?

The efforts of the developers of the site are aimed at improving the available functions, expanding the capabilities of online stores, increasing security and much more. As the commercial sector is already developed and continues to gain momentum, new solutions are offered literally every day. Your attention is invited to familiarize yourself with some of them that may be useful for you.

In this paragraph, we will present extensions that may be necessary when running an online store.


The basic tool that helps at work and has a positive effect on the company’s image is a live chat with the client. A visitor to our website may wish to contact the service in order to obtain information about a given product. Writing an email and then waiting for a reply may take too long. This is where the Olark extension will come in handy With its help, we can conduct a live chat with the client and provide him with the necessary assistance at an express pace.

One Page Checkout

Going through several subpages and long time filling in forms to make a purchase reduces conversions and has a negative impact on the reception of our store by the customer. The One Page Checkout extension streamlines this process and gathers all the necessary things on one subpage, thanks to which placing an order takes literally a few minutes, and the user does not have to go through several subpages.


The worst thing a potential customer may encounter is loading a webpage for a long time. This has a very negative impact on the reception of the store, which means that users often skip shopping in such stores. The paid Nitrogento extension makes the website faster. Despite the high price, it is worth investing in this module because it has a huge impact on the conversion.

Yotpo Product Reviews

Yotpo is an extension that, based on user reviews, generates content that can significantly increase conversion. An example of such content is displaying products that were also viewed by reviewers.

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