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How to start your business – Coffee distributor

Getting started as a coffee distributor requires, in principle, a proper use of information. There is a lot you will have to know to be able to sell this kind of product, because in general terms, you will be talking to a customer who knows the raw material he is buying and who, most of the time, is looking for quality.

Your job in the world of coffee suppliers will therefore consist, first of all, in getting accurate information about the product you are selling, and that is why today we are going to give you this information that is so crucial to your future activity.

What is a coffee distributor?

A coffee distributor is an entrepreneur, a person who is looking for a livelihood but working independently, managing his timetable, his dedication, the product and the clientele he works with.

Coffee distributors such as have always existed, ever since this raw material began to be marketed, because it is thanks to this professional profile, who often acts as an intermediary, that coffee reaches the places it needs to reach, for example, coffee shops, bars and restaurants.

By becoming one of the coffee suppliers that commercialise this kind of staple product, you have a great responsibility, because you are in charge of delivering the raw material that these establishments work with promptly. Imagine a coffee shop that runs out of coffee, it would be a tragedy, so keep in mind the importance of your work and, above all, remember how fundamental it is that you do your job in a way that is committed not only to your results, but also to the results of your customers.

A bar owner who trusts your service will expect the product to arrive on the agreed date and in the agreed conditions; if any of these issues fail, you will probably lose a customer. Therefore, above all, a coffee distributor is an entrepreneur, yes, but an entrepreneur committed to the results of his customers, which, ultimately, will result in good results for the distributor as well.

What are the advantages of being a coffee distributor?

If we take into account everything we have explained above, then we can see that there are enormous advantages to becoming one of the coffee distributors working in Spain. Let’s take a look at some of them:


All independent work that involves working as an entrepreneur and freelancer offers precisely this: autonomy.

And autonomy is the freedom of knowing that you can carry out your activity when, how and where you want. This independence is a luxury that not everyone can afford, but coffee suppliers can, as they choose the raw material to sell, put together their catalogue of alternatives to present to their clientele, draw up a list of customers to visit, persuade their interlocutors to make the purchase and then distribute the final product once the deal has been closed.

All this activity is carried out in complete freedom, except of course for the delivery of the products, which is agreed with the customer beforehand. But the important thing is that this is one of the most independent initiatives in terms of job opportunities.

Direct contact with customers

When you enter the world of coffee suppliers, you realise that the most important thing, the thing that ensures your growth in the business and the desired results, is to always think about the customer. As a distributor you will notice that customer contact is one of your main tasks and this allows you to avoid intermediaries, it is you presenting yourself in front of the owner of a coffee shop or a bar offering your product, a conversation to reach success on both fronts. By contacting your clientele directly you learn more about them, their needs and ways to satisfy them and become their main coffee distributor.

Minimal initial investment

Another advantage of becoming a coffee supplier is that the investment to start the business is minimal and offers virtually no risk in this regard, because if you don’t sell, you don’t need to buy either, so there are no significant losses.

What do you need to start your business as a coffee supplier?

What do you need to start your business as a coffee supplier?

This is the question everyone asks when deciding to start down the coffee distributor path, but there are several things to consider when taking the first steps:

Research the sector

It is difficult to move with agility and ingenuity in places you do not know. Everything takes time to adapt and to do this as quickly as possible, you need to know the sector in which you will be working. It is not only about knowing what kind of product you sell and to whom, but also about finding out who your strategic partners can be in it and how you can differentiate yourself from the rest at the same time.  

Know your product

Another key point when taking your first steps as a coffee distributor is to know the product you are selling.

Coffee is in itself an exciting product, not only because of the immense history and work behind its production, but also because it is a beverage that, when served in a cup, offers a moment of unparalleled pleasure. Therefore, it is necessary to learn about coffee, its origins, varieties, qualities, types of roasting and other issues that will allow you to better choose between the different options on the market and finally, to offer the best to your clientele.

Prepare your list of potential customers

This is another key point in getting started as a coffee supplier in the market. You need to build a list of potential customers, your prospects, those you will visit to offer your product. You need to be consistent in terms of the area in which you will move, because you cannot cover everything.  

Find out their needs

Finally, to take your first steps as a coffee distributor, it is important to take the time to find out about the needs of your customers or prospects. This is where you will find the real possibilities to differentiate yourself from your competition and provide a solution accordingly.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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