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Junket tourism: a journey with a visit to a gaming establishment

Gamblers who play at gambling sites not on gamestop can go from virtual gambling establishments to land-based casinos. To do this, just order a junket tour, which involves a trip to a popular gambling clubs. A lot of positive emotions, exciting games and luxurious recreation await you. Besides, junket tour is considered to be the only type of tourism that gives you an opportunity to earn a large sum of money in case you win.

What is a casino tour?

A junket tour is a type of tourism where the traveler is taken to the world’s major casinos. The trip is organized by gambling clubs or tour operators. Round-trip transfers, meals, entertainment and accommodation are at the expense of the organiser. The only requirement for a gambler is to leave a certain amount (usually $3,000 to $5,000) at the casino.

Features of junket tours

Today, junket tours enjoy particular popularity, because not all European countries can legally play in the casino. The event program each club develops its own. A client not just bets on slots or card tables, but also attends excursions. In addition, the player receives a set of entertainment services (for example, striptease, a trip to a spa, a hunt, a sea voyage, etc.).
The main features of casino tours are:

  • – the traveller has to abide by the terms and conditions spelled out in the contract;
  • – the money won in the casino stays with the gambler (so you can not only spend it, but also earn if you win);
  • – Some casinos will give up to a 25% deposit back to the customer if they lose;
  • – The amount of bets made must match the deposit amount, and you can always increase the deposit amount;
  • – the player must spend in the casino a strictly specified amount of time (minimum 2-5 hours).

The cost of entertainment is determined by the size of the deposit. The price of a VIPJunket is practically unlimited: the more a customer pays, the more exciting and diverse his or her recreation will be.

The emergence of junket tourism

Junket tourism first appeared in Las Vegas at the end of the twentieth century. People began to come en masse by invitation to the city, where many casinos were built.
In today’s world, casino tours are particularly popular. Players travel to countries where gambling establishments operate. The most popular are casinos in the Isle of Man (UK), gambling establishments in the USA, casinos in the Czech Republic, Spain, Monaco and Thailand. Some ingenious gambling proprietors install slot machines and card tables on pleasure boats flying the flag of Malta. Ships call at the harbour of major cities, offering players a chance to fight the one-armed bandits or play poker.
Today, this type of tourism attracts those who play Because of the ban on stationary gambling establishments in the country of residence gambler this direction of leisure time is relevant. Agree, what inveterate gambler would not dream of finding himself in a real casino, where the atmosphere of extravaganza and excitement prevails.
The tourism industry is booming. You can go to the most exotic corners of the planet, fully enjoying not only the game, but also luxurious vacation.
What does the contract say?
There is bound to be a contract between the tourist and the organizer. Although formally the cost of travel is paid by the casino, you have to spend a large sum in an agreed gambling establishment.
The contract specifies:

  • – the minimum amount of time you spend in the casino;
  • – The amount you have to spend at a particular gambling establishment (measured in thousands of dollars);
  • – the minimum and maximum bets;
  • – responsibilities of the parties, particularly of the client in case of non-compliance with the terms of the contract.

As a rule, before the trip, the gambler puts money on a special account. When he arrives at the casino, he is given a briefcase with chips equivalent to the amount on the account.
If he fails to comply with the terms of the agreement, the player’s funding is terminated. He is immediately sent home, and he will have to find the money for his return ticket on his own.

What are junket tours?

There are VIP tours which involve guests staying in comfortable rooms, eating in top restaurants and playing in private rooms.
It is also possible to book a group tour for several people (you can have friends) or an individual trip. On a group junket tour an outsider cannot become a member of the team as each participant transfers the sums that make up the players’ joint pot.
The predominant destination for casino tourism is countries that do not require visas to enter. The list of gambling clubs providing such a service includes fixed casinos with a high reputation and flexible pricing policy. The staff of such establishments are multi-lingual, so the language barrier is out of the question.

Thus, junket tours are not just trips to casinos that every gambler can go on their own, but a tour organised by the operator and the gambling club, including flight, food and entertainment. The minimum price tag of a quality casino trip starts at $3,000.

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Sam Allcock
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