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When we perform a fast clean-up of the files on our Mac, bad things can happen, such as unintentionally deleting a significant file. In this given situation, we rush to devise a method to retrieve these files, but resolving the issue is not simple. After all, the market is brimming with data recovery Mac solutions, but none of them is available for free or has some other incompatibility. 

Several applications provide a way to retrieve your valuable files, but the majority of the time we have costly paid plans included. Even though we couldn’t afford a paid plan, Stellar Data Recovery Free Edition for Mac seemed to save the day. The programme has strong file recovery features and can recover up to 1 GB of data.

While Mac systems are thought to be among the toughest processors in terms of data breaches, specific malware/viruses are being created to attack Macs in specific. As a result, company owners, photographers, and individuals from all fields and industries must be continuously vigilant to protect their prized records and data files from unintended deletion, modification, or corruption of storage systems.


Started in 1993, Stellar Data Recovery is a trusted Data Care organization offering consumer data recovery tools for Windows OS, macOS, iOS, and Data erasure tools. Nonetheless, the company also offers a wide range of tools for the B2B market. Some of the popular B2B tools offered by Stellar Data Recovery are – Exchange Repair, Outlook Repair, Active Directory, and many more. Looks like Stellar is a powerhouse of Data Recovery and Data Migration.


Stellar free Mac data recovery software is a capable application that can help you locate and restore lost, missing or erased data files on your Mac. This free data recovery software searches your Mac hard drive for formerly formatted, inadvertently deleted, badly corrupt/damaged files, makes them available and then assists you in recovering data from them. It works well with a variety of file systems, including APFS, HFS+, FAT, ex-FAT, and NTFS, and is compliant with macOS Big Sur 11 and previous Mac models.

You’ll be relieved to learn that the app is completely secure on your Mac. Irrespective of the activities held, it will not cause any harm to your hard drive or laptop. Stellar Mac Data Recovery can read and scan for your files, but it will not write to your memory card. The main features of Stellar free Mac data recovery software are as follows:

  • Recover deleted files from the bin
  • Recover data that has been lost or modified
  • Backup files from Time Machine hard drives can be recovered.
  • Recover Deleted Files from Encrypted Hard Disks
  • Files removed from Boot Camp partitions can be recovered.
  • Data recovery from missing volumes
  • Scanner customization: look for specific file types.
  • Works with drives larger than 5TB 
  • Compatible with macOS Big Sur 11

And if highly rare situations that you are unable to recover data and files using Stellar Mac data recovery software, you can reap the benefits of Stellar data recovery lab services.

Needless to say, Stellar Mac data recovery software is often sufficient to restore your missing or erased records.  However, some issues are too complicated or extremely detailed. Then comes the second helping hand, the Data Recovery Lab-Services. Inside one of the Stellar Data Recovery Labs, their experts will spend their time analysing the issue and recovering your data from the memory device. Every data recovery task involves a one-of-a-kind amalgamation of hardware, software, database server, and system software. As a result, the numerous experts collaborate to protect and recover the data efficiently and securely.


The configuration and setup process is extremely fast. It only takes a few minutes, and once inside the application, Stellar Mac Data Recovery has an easy on/off button platform that lets you select the category of the file you want to retrieve. Here’s a step-by-step guide to using it to restore files.

  • Stellar Data Recovery Professional for Mac is available for trial download. Check that your system meets the necessary software specifications before installing the programme using the installation wizard.
  • To begin, start the programme and, from the main screen, switch the “Recover Everything” icon to the “On” position.
  • When you’ve determined what you want to restore, press the Next icon. The following screen displays tiled icons for all documents/data files on your Mac hard drive. Because you’re searching for lost document/data files, use the interface’s scroll button to get to the “Can’t Find Volume” selection. Choose this option and then press the Scan key.
  • The following screen displays a list of all hard drives and volumes on your Mac hard drive. Pick your memory card as the default hard drive to check for missing volumes, and then press Search to begin the procedure
  • The progression of the quest is shown on the following screen. A count of the number of missing volumes discovered is also seen. When you see that the volume, you’re looking for has been found, you can stop the search, but it’s best to let the program finish the check.
  • When the scan is complete, or you terminate it by pressing the Stop button, you would see a display with an expanded list of volumes on the Mac hard drive. This listing will now include the volume that was recently discovered. Pick this volume and press the Scan button to restore files from it.
  • The next screen shows the scan’s progress as well as the default file preview. You can disable file preview by toggling the preview button on the upper right to “Off.”
  • Whenever the scanning is finished, all retrievable documents will be identified in a tree-view in the left-hand panel of the programme.
  • By double-clicking on any object in the left-hand column, you can see a preview of it. Once you’re done with the file overview, click the checkboxes next to the files you want to restore in the software’s panel board and press the “Recover” key.

And this is how you can restore your files on Mac using the Stellar Mac data recovery program. 


Stellar Data Recovery is a widely acclaimed programme that is used by professionals to restore files from missing or unavailable volumes and Time Machine backups, compromised hard drives and Boot Camp partitions, encrypted drives, and much more. If the data hasn’t been permanently deleted, the Mac data recovery programme can restore almost every type of data that has ever resided on a storage device.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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