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Making money via betting – should or shouldn’t?


Some extra money is denied by none! Some people bet online for fun, while others intend to do it full time. Betting or gambling online has now become a medium to earn money. 

“Is betting online for money that easy?” 

“Is online betting safe?” 

 “is the betting websiste V9BETTOP.COM truthworthy?

Questions and thoughts like these are necessary and expected. So, let’s discuss the needful, and you will understand if you should or shouldn’t bet online.

Is betting in a game skill or luck? 

Betting is fun due to the adrenaline rush that excites one if played to have fun. It is a mode of leisure activity for many. But, this setting can differ for the one who wants to earn some severe wage through betting. It becomes a game of real profit or loss for them! What they make here plays a significant role in their wage count, and if lost, it can take a toll on them. Therefore, in different games, it takes various tools and absolute mindfulness.  

For instance, if you have bet on the player making a score of 100, that would go into the hands of your luck if you are in favour, or you can go in dumps. But if you bet money in a game like poker and cards in a casino, it depends on your skill, 99% of the time. Remember, it is not sure, but the one with the skill and years of practice has a good hand here. If betting goes between a man with years of training in playing cards in a casino and a man who was merely believing in his beginners’ luck, there is all good chance that the man with years of experience can rule the game of cards and can go home in a Lamborghini that night.

So, acquiring a skill of the betting/gambling platform you want to put money in is as important as believing in one’s luck. 

Which betting/gambling site is my best Armor suit?

In the game of chess, choosing the proper Armor for the king, in the end, is very important. Likewise, if you want to be the king of gambling, you must choose your kingdom wisely. Your intruders can be hackers on the internet, fake websites that only need your money, and much more.

As online betting websites are becoming more accessible and approachable, some sites potentially threaten and breach our security and privacy. Therefore, it is essential to select the site that best suits our needs. 

What can one do to select the right website to avoid intruders? See below.

How to choose our Betting/Gambling site?

Money that you put online is your responsibility. The flowery world of the internet is not as fancy as we think. Your hard-earned money can be consumed by a breach that you did not see coming at all. It can occur faster than you think. Therefore, it makes trusting any betting website a job very risky. But again, with risk comes the responsibility of our safety. However, there are ways to resolve this. 

  1. Research 

Making research on the website you want to invest in is a must and should. If one does not do his homework in the sea of websites, he is most likely to lose his hard-earned money. 

  • Research on the website as much as you can before you invest your money.
  • Check if the website is legal.
  • Make sure the website is licensed in gambling.
  1. Have you heard of the website before?

Once you research the website’s authenticity, look if the website is relevant to other sources as well or not. 

  • Check with the earlier gamblers, if accessible.
  • Observe the game for some time
  • Look for the reviews of the website on different platforms
  • Cross-check the same in multiple other websites
  • Compare it with other websites
  1. Service testing
  • Review the kind of customer service they provide
  • Is it a calling service, messaging, application user base, or something different than these?
  • Cross-check if these services are working correctly or not.
  • Be sure about the mode of money transfer and withdrawal process.
  • Learn their terms and conditions carefully
  • Go through each paperwork diligently and slowly

4) Keep it calm

One can get very involved while playing the betting game, be it poker or any other betting. Betting is a game like that, which might get addictive and very competitive. Some people can take advantage of this weakness in you to loot you sheerly. Therefore, it is essential when you bet online to keep it calm and then play. Also, there are specific guidelines that one should follow to be disciplined while betting.

  • Know your limit
  • Keep a tally of how much you can afford to lose
  • Calculate your finances before entering a gambling site
  • Don’t let your emotions handle your game
  • Remember that betting is a game of mind and not your emotions.

Following this, one can think of betting online for money. However, it is even better if you know the pros and cons of this vast sea of cash. 

The must and should know, pros and cons of betting online


  • Suitable for all classes
  • Earn money while you are entertained
  • Sit and earn extra with bonus and rewards
  • In the digital era, it is more convenient and comfortable
  • Your interest in play is their priority


  • It can be addictive, and one can get carried away
  • Risk of breach and privacy
  • Internet burglars
  • Legality issues
  • Tricky withdrawals and easy failures


Having the right skill and needful research about online betting for money will give you your answer on whether you should or shouldn’t gamble. Remember that you are your judge and play responsibly.

Happy Online Betting!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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