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Mercadona Puts Rarest Drink On The Market On Sale For 1.30 Euros

Mercadona puts the rarest drink on the market on sale for 1.30 euros.

The vegetable drinks have become very successful chain of Spanish supermarkets. This alternative to milk, ideal for people with lactose intolerance or vegans, occupies more and more space on the shelves of establishments, a market niche that Mercadona has not overlooked.

Aware of the demand, the Valencian chain has launched a new vegetable drink that attracts attention because it is not entirely made from a dry fruit or cereal.

It is the hazelnut and rice drink , a curious combination rarely seen among the assortments available in other Spanish establishments.

This drink with no added sugar is made up of only six ingredients : water, rice (10%), hazelnuts (3%), stabilizer, aroma and salt. On the labeling of the product, Mercadona warns those allergic people that “it may contain traces of other nuts”.

Hazelnut and rice drink with no added sugar from Hacendado, for sale at Mercadona.Hazelnut and rice drink with no added sugar from Hacendado, for sale at Mercadona.MERCADONA
The Valencian chain sells this product in a 1-liter brick format, for 1.30 euros .

Before consuming it is necessary to shake the product well , and once opened it should be kept in the refrigerator for a maximum time of three days .

The manufacturer of this product is Frías Nutrición , a Burgos company leader in vegetable drinks and specialized in healthy nutrition.

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