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Rolex and Sports

The Swiss watch brand is a partner of world sporting events

The Rolex brand is associated with classics, quality, elegant design, high-precision movements, and success. Rolex bridges the past, being a pioneer in the development of wristwatches, and the present with state-of-the-art factories, and the future with research. But the Rolex world is not just about watches; it is also about a firm belief in the power of the human spirit. From its earliest years, Rolex has forged strong relationships with people who can authoritatively attest to the enduring qualities of its timepieces. These are outstanding people who have reached extraordinary heights in sport, culture, and research.

The Swiss brand is inextricably linked to the pursuit of excellence inherent in the world of sport. Rolex supports the most prestigious sports competitions. Given the rich and longstanding nature of Rolex’s sponsorship relationship with the world of sports and culture, Rolex is no longer just a sponsor, but a true partner.

Today, Rolex sponsors disciplines such as golf, sailing, tennis, motorcycling and equestrian sports. Interestingly, the characteristics peculiar to these sports are intrinsic and associated with the brand itself.

A rich history

If we owe the appearance of golf to Scottish shepherds, then the appearance of tennis is due to monks. The direct forerunner of modern tennis is considered to be the jeu de paume (a game of the palm). It could be played by up to 12 people at a time. According to legends, the jeu de paume was played in monasteries. Initially in this game, the ball was kicked with the hand, then came the gloves, bats, and finally, in the XVI century, rackets and a net. At the same time, there is a peak of popularity of this entertainment, the game fascinated the French, English, and Spanish kings of the time.

Rolex’s partnership with the tennis world began in 1978 when the company became the official timekeeper of the Wimbledon Championships. Rolex supports the most prestigious tennis tournaments like Monte-Carlo Rolex Masters 2021

Precision and synchronicity

The Dutch first began using yachts for recreation in the seventeenth century. In Europe, sailing boats long had a purely commercial value. King Charles II of England, being in exile, spent a long time in Holland, where he became well acquainted with many forms of sailing. The Dutch gave the king his first yacht upon his return to England.

The first registered race in England was held in October 1661 between the yachts of King Charles II and the Duke of York. It took place on the River Thames from Greenwich to Gravesend and back, the prize was 100 pounds. The King lost on the first leg, but won on the return.

Sailing races test willpower and intelligence, forcing decisions to be made at speeds that are measured in fractions of a second. They require careful preparation and involve a team spirit. Sharing the inherent values of every sailor, Rolex has established a special relationship with prestigious regattas and talented sailors.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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