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Six Nissan Subcontractors Reactivate An Indefinite Strike Starting Next Monday

Six Nissan subcontractors reactivate an indefinite strike starting next Monday.

Six workers subcontracts of Nissan have decided unanimously to go to the indefinite strike from Monday. The company committees of Segula, Comsa, Carretillas Mayor, Aubay, Servi Securitas and Bartic Clan have reactivated the call for work stoppages that were suspended on April 19, in order to reach an agreement with their companies and the automotive matrix and shield your compensation once the Nissan factories close on December 31stof this year.

The main demand is to be part of the reindustrialization table with the aim of saving the maximum number of workplaces. As reported in a statement, it has been a “delaying strategy with the intention of breaking the unity of action” of these companies.

The subcontractors, advised by the Col·lectiu Ronda , accuse Nissan of threatening some of these companies not to renew their service provision contracts if the protests were finally carried out. Nissan uses the services of these companies through a formula of contractual renewal month by month. In a statement, the templates have said that they feel “cheated and manipulated” and have warned that as of Monday “any negotiation will be made with the production of Nissan stopped.”

The personnel of these firms carry out functions such as the maintenance of the process control computer services, the prevention and extinction of fires, the supply of parts to the assembly lines or the start-up and maintenance of the main machinery, among others.

The lawyer for the Col·lectiu Ronda Josep Pérez has regretted “that the predisposition of the staff to find a negotiated solution to the conflict has been ignored” and has renewed the offer to dialogue, despite the fact that he considers it “logical and inevitable” that the staff go back on strike.

A strike, as he has warned, has the prospect of paralyzing the plant, since these subcontractors perform essential functions for the activity.

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