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Some essential types of theft bail bonds

If you take a look at the judicial history, you will come across various types of theft. It includes aggravated theft, Grand Theft, theft, and petty theft. The stealing of automobiles, burglary, or robbery also come within the ambit of severe crime. Severe charges get imposed to restrict the crime by the judicial authority. The severity of the case and the nature of the crime are the prime determining factor in these litigations. In this arena, getting bail bonds becomes very crucial to come out of jail. The severity of the crime may range from felony charges to misdemeanors. Some of these offenses have predetermined bail bond amounts, while others require judicial litigation for setting the amount. It would help if you knew how much bail is for theft to make the arrangements. If you want to find out how much is bail for theft, you have to consult an attorney. 

The categories of theft that require bail

The essence and stringency of the crime determine the theft amount. For releasing a person from jail, the assistance of a legal expert is crucial. These individuals have the necessary know-how and professional expertise in dealing with similar cases. Moreover, they have a vast network of lawyers who help them out in particular cases. Take a look at the following types of theft:

  • Petty theft-Petty theft is also called shoplifting. The crime occurs when items that are not very costly and obtained by deception, force, or intimidation. The owner’s consent is not acquired, and thereby it takes the form of a crime. It comes within the category of misdemeanors and has a predetermined bail bond amount for rescue.
  • Theft-Similar to petty theft, here the cost of items is a bit high. Hence, the severity of the case is higher, so severe restrictions get imposed on you. Therefore, it comes within the category of a misdemeanor and gets categorized as a felony.
  • Grand Theft-It is another category of theft put within the fourth-degree misdemeanor. When the cost of the property stolen is very high and includes possessions like vehicles, firearms, and dangerous weapons, it comes within the category of grand theft.
  • Aggravated theft-It is a kind of theft that comes within the fourth-degree category. The value of the property can hardly get retrieved. It is a severe type of crime where the person is subject to imprisonment and a high penalty.
  • Forgery-Forging the signature and writing of another individual is a serious crime. When an individual develops the signature on official documents, it has negative implications on the former. Moreover, it also has an impact on identification and other formal areas. Therefore, the severity of the crime is a major determining factor here.

In addition to this, passing checks without having sufficient funds in the account is another severe type of crime. Robbery, burglary, aggravated burglary, and aggravated robbery are other such categories that come within the ambit of bail bond. For determining the amount of bail, you must have a legal practitioner by your side. These individuals will put forward your case skillfully in return for a charge. Moreover, there are bail bonds that offer flexible payment schemes, free consultation, 24/7 services, and other assistance.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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