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Superfoods – Nature’s Prescription To Charge Your Immune System

“Let your food be your medicine and medicine be your food” – coined by Hippocrates, almost 2500 years ago. Let’s be honest, you are what you eat and there is no denying that what we choose to eat has a huge impact on our overall well-being.

Have you heard about superfoods? What are superfoods? What makes them “super”? Hold on and let us eradicate all your doubts!! There are certain food items that stand out more than others for their sterling nutritional profile and out-of-the-box health benefits. Such foods are known as superfoods.

Be it Spirulina Powder, Berries, Flex Seeds, Avocado, or Salmon, these superfoods come with miraculous powers that stop you from derailing your health journey and keeps you fit and healthy.

Here is mentioned the list of Best Superfoods that are worthy of a title. Let’s have a look!!

1. Berries

Let’s unfurl the list of best superfoods with a nutritional powerhouse of vitamins, fibre, minerals, and antioxidants – Berries. These are ideal for treating several digestive and immune system-related disorders.

Moreover, berries are loaded with excellent antioxidant capacity that diminishes the risk of heart diseases, inflammatory conditions, and cancer as well. The health benefits of this superfood are as versatile as its culinary applications.

Some of the common types of berries that you can easily include in your lifestyle are:

  • Strawberries
  • Raspberries
  • Blackberries
  • Cranberries
  • Blueberries

2. Spirulina Powder

Counted amongst the world’s most popular supplements, Spirulina Powder is packed with several antioxidants and nutrients that offer immense benefits to your body and brain.

A single tablespoon of Spirulina Powder contains around:

  • Protein: 4g
  • Copper: 21% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B1: 11% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B2: 15% of the RDA
  • Vitamin B3: 4% of the RDA
  • Iron: 11% of the RDA

The list of Spirulina Powder Benefits is never-ending. It lowers the risk of heart disease and protects us from oxidative damage. I may be effective against anemia as well. Add this superfood to your diet and stay on the track of healthy living.

3. Avocado

A naturally nutrient-dense food, Avocado is known for its creamy texture and potential health benefits. It protects against cancer, improves the digestive system, and reduces the risk of depression.

Avocado is the sole fruit that offers a substantial amount of monosaturated fatty acids. It includes nearly 20 vitamins and minerals, which is a miracle in itself.

According to USDA National Nutrient Database, the single serving of Avocado contains:

  • 3g of fibre
  • Less than 1g of sugar
  • 64 calories
  • Around 6g of fat
  • 3.4g of carbohydrate

Most of the calories in Avocado come from fat, but don’t shy away from it as these will keep you satiated and turn off your appetite to avoid overeating.

4. Raw Cacao

Crave for chocolatey-goodness but don’t want to load up on sugar or any unhealthy processed food? Fret not as Cacao will get you covered. A raw and unprocessed chocolate superfood, cacao is supercharged with flavonoids and magnesium and is thus good for you, inside and out.

When it comes to counting the Raw Cacao Benefits, the list is endless. It helps in regulating blood pressure levels and heartbeat. It balances brain chemistry and strengthens bones as well.

5. Goji Berries

Also known as the wolfberry, Goji Berries cannot be overlooked while listing the best superfoods. This tiny red fruit is dotted with outstanding medicinal properties and various antioxidants. Goji berries not just add the pop of color to your plate but also loaded with tons of flavors.

Thinking what are goji berries good for? Well, in that case, you should know the fact that goji berries slow the signs of aging, strengthen your liver, kidneys,  and lungs, and maintains your eye health as well.

Thanks to their medical properties, these are added to plenty of supplements and superfood blends. Start eating goji berries now and give your immune system a boom.

6. Olive Oil

Extracted from fruits of olive trees, Olive Oil is one of the mainstays of the Mediterranean diet. The high levels of monosaturated fatty acids and polyphenolic compounds of this natural oil make it worth giving a try.

Adding this superfood into your diet may reduce the risk of heart disease, diabetes, and inflammation.

Olive Oil is a powerhouse of Vitamin E and K that safeguards the human body against cellular damage from oxidative stress.

7. Salmon

How could one forget to add Salmon while listing out the best superfoods? Loaded with healthy fats, protein, selenium, vitamins, and potassium, Salmon is one of the leading sources of Omega-3 fatty acids and is known for innumerable health benefits.

Regular consumption of Salmon helps you in maintaining a healthy weight and lowers the risk of diabetes and heart diseases. It supports healthy aging and boosts brain function as well. Salmon also reduces cholesterol levels and thus keeps you fit and healthy.

8. Super Greens Powder

Smells like powdered leaves and tastes a bit grassy, Super Greens Powder is yet another premium superfood to be added to your daily routine. This is mainly a dietary supplement and serves as an excellent choice for those who want to shed extra pounds quickly.

This powder is low in calories and is packed with polyphenols and other plant compounds that feature anti-inflammatory functions. Start the intake of super Greens Powder and get in shape fast.

9. Seaweed

A specific term used to describe some worthy nutrient-dense sea vegetables, Seaweed is most commonly consumed in Asian cuisine and gained immense popularity owing to its high nutritional value.

It packs multiple nutrients such as iodine, Vitamin K, fibre, and folate. It is believed that these ocean vegetables are a rich source of bioactive compounds that are not present in the land vegetables.

10. Nuts and Seeds

It’s time to wrap up the list of best superfoods with the powerful punch i.e. Nuts and Seeds. They are an excellent source of fiber, protein, fat, and plant protein and keep you feeling full for a longer time.

Incorporate them into your diet and lowers the risk of weight gain, improves your heart health, takes the edge off life-threatening diseases like cancer.

The Final Note

If a healthy lifestyle is what exactly you are looking for, then count on these above-mentioned superfoods and add years to your life effortlessly.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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