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The Best Times to Trade Forex — Traders Union Research Results

Traders Union’s team of financial experts studied the information available in open sources about which days of the week and times are the best for trading in the Forex market. The experts also conducted research and a survey of successful traders working with brokers through Traders Union. The results of the research refute several well-established false hypotheses and provide more reliable data on what days of the week and times of the day are the best to trade on Forex.

Here  you can find detailed information on the progress and results of the expert’s research entitled The Best Time to Trade Forex.

The purpose and benefits of the Traders Union research

The purpose of the research by Traders Union’s experts was to determine the optimal times for trading in the Forex financial market. The benefit of the research is to provide traders with up-to-date and truthful information on what days of the week and times of the day are the best to make trades on Forex to maximize income with minimal risks.

Main questions considered in the study

The Traders Union experts reviewed and answered the following questions:

  1. What are the best times to trade Forex?
  2. How does the time of the day affect market volatility?
  3. How does the time of day affect the liquidity of major currency pairs?
  4. What days of the week have the highest volatility and liquidity?
  5. What days of the week are optimal for making trades on Forex?

Methodologies and protocols used by TU’s experts 

During the course of the study, the financial analysts and Traders Union experts conducted a global social survey of practicing traders over 18 years old, in which 2,000 people took part: 81% were men and 19% were women.

The survey was conducted through an email questionnaire, which took place in March 2021 and lasted two working days. The respondents were provided with questionnaires in English and German.

Respondents were categorized using the following parameters:

To obtain the most relevant and reliable information, the survey was carried out based on a comprehensive questionnaire among experienced and successful traders. The list of respondents was formed according to the following parameters:

Parameters Details
Trading experience 10+ years 5-10 years3-5 years1-3 years1 year
Average monthly growth of the deposit Up to 15%Up to 10%Up to 5%Up to 3%Up to 1%
Trading strategies Long term,Intraday

Other information studied by the Traders Union experts during the research?

As part of the study, the financial experts at Traders Union additionally studied and analyzed the following statistical data:

  • Schedule of the main trading sessions.
  • Overlapping trading times of the main trading sessions.
  • Market volatility at the intersection of trading sessions.
  • Liquidity of currency pairs on the example of the EUR/USD chart.


The results of a comprehensive expert study by Traders Union refute the anecdotally-based hypothesis existing in open sources that the best days of the week to trade in the Forex market are Thursday and Friday. Based on the studied statistical data and a sociological survey among experienced traders, the most optimal days and times of the day to conduct trading operations on Forex were identified.

On the “Best Time to Trade Forex” page, you can review and download the complete results of the research conducted by the experts at Traders Union.

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