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The Employers Demand Stability From The New Government

The employers demand “stability” from the new Government and that it focuses on economic recovery. Foment del Treball describes the ERC-JxCat agreement as “good news” but calls for a “great country pact” to get out of the crisis.

Pimec criticizes that the “blockade” has lasted “too long” and demands to give priority to SMEs in the process of rebuilding the economy.

The most representative Catalan employers have described the agreement between ERC and JxCat as “good news” to undo the inauguration of Pere Aragonès , they have demanded that the new partners give total priority to economic recovery in their policies and to guarantee “stability” during the new term.

Foment del Treball and Pimec have spoken throughout the morning of this Monday on the entente for a coalition Government and have stressed that this allows to avoid the electoral repetition, but they have criticized that the situation of blockade during the last two months it has been “too long”.

The president of Foment, Josep Sánchez Llibre , has called for a “great country pact” to overcome the economic crisis and has urged the future ERC-JxCat Government to prioritize those public policies focused on economic recovery.

Sánchez Llibre has stressed that the consequences of the crisis will be “very important” and for this reason he has insisted on the need to have a “strong,” business friendly “Government” and in permanent contact with the employers’ associations and unions to avoid the “rupture of social cohesion “.

His Pimec counterpart, Antoni Cañete , has urged the partners to draw up new budgets as soon as possible, with “business sensitivity”, which provide direct aid for companies and to “legislate with the little ones in mind to make our economy big” .

Business organizations have also focused on the “good administration” of the European funds that the EU allocates to Spain to face the repercussions of the coronavirus pandemic. And they have reached out to the new Government to support them and negotiate, together with the most representative unions, the measures for the economic reconstruction of the country.

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