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Who Is Behind The Most Successful Hacendado Products

The Mercadona supermarket chain has managed to establish itself as one of the establishments most demanded by consumers thanks to a wide assortment of products, which it markets under the Hacendado brand. Some of them have become authentic ‘top sales’ of the Valencian chain.

In 2020, Mercadona closed the year with a 5.5% increase in its gross sales , to 26,932 million euros, and its net profit increased by 17%, to 727 million, as indicated by the president of the chain , Juan Roig , in the presentation of the company’s annual results.

The main objective of the chain is to improve the quality of its assortment, Roig has advanced, something that it achieves thanks to the suppliers , mostly Spanish, who manufacture and produce those star products so dear to their customers.

Ham and cheese pizza
One of them is Hacendado’s fresh ham and cheese pizza . This classic, which Mercadona sells in medium-size formats (415 g for 1.99 euros), small (two 220 g units for 2.35 euros per pack), family (600 g for 2.99 euros), as well as In its gluten-free and lactose-free variety (2.99 euros) it is manufactured by Casa Tarradellas .

Last year, the OCU rated this pizza as the third best on the market in its analysis thanks to its taste, the high quality of its ingredients and the balanced nutritional level.

Hacendado ham and cheese pizza, for sale at Mercadona.Hacendado ham and cheese pizza, for sale at Mercadona.MERCADONA

The success of Hacendado’s guacamole has been such that some competitors, such as Carrefour, have been encouraged to launch their own product with 99% avocado to compete with that of the Valencian firm.

Mercadona sells its guacamole in two sizes : a 200 g tub that costs 1.59 euros and a 500 g tub, which costs 3.29 euros.

Like pizza, Hacendado’s guacamole has the approval of the OCU, which has classified it as one of the best on the market. The manufacturer behind this successful product is Frutas Montosa , an avocado supplier based in the Malaga town of Vélez-Málaga.

Pot of guacamole from Hacendado, for sale at Mercadona.Pot of guacamole from Hacendado, for sale at Mercadona.MERCADONA

Almond ice cream
As for ice cream, the Hacendado brand Almendrado is one of the most demanded by Mercadona customers. These ice creams are sold in a box of 6 units for a price of 2.10 euros.

The manufacturer of these ice creams has Valencian origin: it is the Helados Estiu company , founded in 1983 and which is also the one who makes another successful product at Mercadona, the mango, coconut and pistachio mochis . The fury caused by the latter has been such that they have even been sold out in some establishments .

Hacendado almond ice cream, for sale at Mercadona.Hacendado almond ice cream, for sale at Mercadona.MERCADONA

Stracciatella Greek Yogurt and Strawberry Liquid Yogurt
The North American chain Schreiber Foods produces two of the dairy products that Mercadona customers like the most. These are stracciatella Greek yogurt -whose 6-unit pack sells for 1.45- and strawberry-flavored liquid yogurt with protein , which costs 0.85 euros for a 280 g bottle.

Stracciatella Greek yogurt from the Hacendado brand, for sale at Mercadona.Stracciatella Greek yogurt from the Hacendado brand, for sale at Mercadona.MERCADONA
Wedge cheese and slices

Cheese is another of the products that are sold the most in Mercadona. The Valladolid company Entrepinares is in charge of manufacturing some of these cheeses for the Valencian chain, which are sold in slices or wedges.

This manufacturer, founded in 1984, has three production centers in Galicia, Castilla y León and Madrid , a packaging and logistics center in Valladolid and two dairy products production plants in Lugo and Zamora.

Entrepinares is also the largest national cheese manufacturer , with an annual production of over 60 million kilos and is present in 35 countries, as indicated on its website.

Old sheep cheese from Entrepinares, for sale in Mercadona.Old sheep cheese from Entrepinares, for sale in Mercadona.MERCADONA

Olive oil
The olive oil is one of the star products of Spanish cuisine and, consequently, one of the defendants in the Valencian chain. The one that Mercadona sells as olive oil (which is neither virgin nor extra virgin) is manufactured by the Malaga company Mercaóleo , belonging to the Dcoop Group, and which brings together 75,000 farming families.

0.4º olive oil from Hacendado, for sale at Mercadona.0.4º olive oil from Hacendado, for sale at Mercadona.MERCADONA
Fried tomato
The Cidacos Group , a Riojan company specializing in the manufacture and marketing of canned vegetables, is in charge of preparing its much coveted fried tomato for Mercadona.

Mercadona sells its fried tomato in two formats, brick and glass jar . Specifically, three 210 g mini bricks cost 0.80 euros compared to the 0.95 euros that the largest 400 g bricks are worth.

Fried tomato from Hacendado, for sale at Mercadona.Fried tomato from Hacendado, for sale at Mercadona.MERCADONA
The Valencian chain also offers an ‘artisan recipe’ fried tomato also manufactured by Cidacos, the price of which amounts to 1.28 euros for a 300 g jar and 1.70 euros for a 560 g jar.

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