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5 Gift Ideas To Give To A New Client

Looking to generate more sales during these unpredictable business moments? Retaining your new clients and activating past customers through gifts is among the best ways to keep afloat and grow your business.

Gifting your customers can help build and retain business relationships, generate more business and referrals while showing your appreciation—and keep you top of mind. Here are five incredible gift ideas to a new client that will strike a fair balance between making a lasting impression, stimulating a sale, and being professional.

Branded Promotional Products

You can never go wrong with customized gift ideas. It’s because you come up with an excellent choice, especially when you want to give all your clients matching gifts. But you must be creative to ensure each client gets a gift that suits them most. 

Get them branded with your logo and a customized message for each client. Anyone will appreciate a tumbler gift; whether they love coffee, protein shakes, soda or tea, they can always package their drink in the tumbler and take it at their convenient time.

Are you wondering why branded tumblers would make a great corporate gift? They are designed to last and keep beverages either hot or cold for extended hours. Meaning, gifting your client with such a gift gives them a reason always to keep your brand closer. Every day they use the tumbler, they’ll think of you. Besides, they’ll also promote your business indirectly whenever they carry it around.

Live Gifts

How about a gift that the new client can relate with and that keeps them nurturing your memories? Try to be unique and breathe nature and a sense of life into your clients. Get them a money tree. The beauty of such a gift is, they will have to take care of it, which will always remind them of your thoughtful gift and best wishes.

A money tree promotes good luck and affluence, and nothing would entice a client to stick to your brand like a thank you gift that fosters fortuity. They will take care of it for years. As the tree grows, so will their loyalty to your brand.

A living gift indicates your commitment to preserving the business relationship you have with your client for years, the same way they should devote to care for the tree. A live gift will for sure promote long-lasting business dealings.

Family Gifts

Do you know the best gifts for your clients are those they can enjoy with their families? What’s better than bringing your client’s family together? Giving your client a family-friendly gift will delight them and their entire household.

It implies that they are more than an element of your business growth. However, such a gift would be more impactful if you know or understand your client’s family setup and its tenets. You don’t want to drop a gift that’s contrary to their beliefs.

For instance, you can give them a gaming set or a paid family vacation, or a family dinner to a restaurant of their choice. When it comes to family gift ideas, choices are limitless; you only need to be creative.

Portable Office

What’s your new client profession? Do they travel a lot or opt to work remotely? Get them a portable remote office. This gift set will keep your client connected and organized even when they are out of their office setting.

A mobile working setup is a must-have for any digital nomad. Traveling and working is now a lifestyle. Days are long gone when one goes on vacation and catches up from where they left after the holiday. Whether employed or running your own business, the current world demands you to stay connected always.

The portable office set has everything the clients need to keep their mobile gadgets running (i.e., a power bank with USB ports, a USB charger, and a Micro-USB port). It also comes with a notebook, pen, leather cord wrap, and other essential office supplies. 

Personal Gifts

When you’ve created a personal bond with a client, you’re bound to have conversations that are off the business. You get to know their likes and hobbies. It’s good to take notes during such talks; the information will be helpful when you want to get them a gift they will cherish forever.

For instance, a client who loves dogs would be delighted if you give them a puppy and a leash branded with your company name and logo. Or, if they have an adequate park, you can get them dog toys imprinted with your company details.

If your client is an entrepreneur, consider gift ideas that align with their business needs. For instance, you can sponsor their upcoming trade show. Going the extra mile to appreciate a client with a thoughtful gift that is in line with their hobby or what they need most at that particular time to help achieve their goals can never be taken for granted.  

Grow Your Brand and Influence with Creative Gift Ideas

A corporate gift is a sign of appreciation for the business dealings and proves your commitment and readiness to invest in the relationship you have with your clients. But never assume that the gift alone will help retain your new client. Stay relevant even after gifting them. Only then will you strengthen your relationship, win more business and retain your customers.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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