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5 Services You Can Sell Online to Make Money

There are many reasons you might need or want additional income. One way to attain this is to explore selling services online.

Following fairly simple steps, you can create and sell services to profit and grow your income. Here are five services that you can sell online to make money. Remember that some services require some practice, but if you stick with it, I have no doubts you’ll catch on.

Reseller Hosting 

Simply put, reseller hosting involves purchasing hard drive space and bandwidth from a hosting provider and then renting it out to your customers for a price. The profit you make will depend on the margin you get from selling an account. So, for example, if it costs you $10 a month to rent hosting space from a provider and you have three customers that charge $20 a month, you’ll make a profit of $50. However, as your customer base grows, you will likely have to rent more space. Fortunately, your profit will still grow as your customer base grows as long as you keep your margin in mind. You can learn more about reseller hosting packages at

Graphic Design

Graphic design is indeed something you can study at post-secondary school. However, it is also something you can teach and learn yourself. You can design things like blog graphics, Instagram content, logos, Pinterest board covers and pins, brochures, real estate pamphlets, cd covers, and so much more for a fee. You can charge by the hour or by the project. If someone wants all their Pinterest board covers re-done, that is a service you can offer. Take some time to learn the skill, and you’ll definitely be able to make money offering graphic design services. If you love being creative. This could be the ideal service for you. 

Social Media Management

With an estimated 3.96 billion people using social media and 91% of all US businesses, this is a service that is needed. Take some time and learn social media, and then turn it into a service. Some things you may be asked to do are to run ad campaigns, create high-quality content for each platform, maintain an online presence, analyze insights and make decisions to better the brand.

Fitness Coach Services

You can do this whether or not you are a personal trainer, so don’t skip reading this section just because you don’t have this certification. For example, let’s say you love walking. You walk every day to maintain your physical and mental health. Now, you start talking about it on your social media, and maybe you make a contest. A good contest might be whoever can walk 50km with you that month gets a free fitness tracker printable! It sounds kind of small and cheesy, but the general population loves freebies. And, most people love being cheered on and supported. You could build an entire community surrounding simply walking, and if your heart’s in it, and you’re genuine, I bet people would come asking about it. This, again, is simply an example. You could run “dollar day” boot camps, virtual fitness training, mom workout zoom calls, and so much more. (Your client pays a dollar to come to work out with you.) If you’re someone with even the slightest interest in fitness, there is definitely a need for service! Other examples of fitness services you can offer are meal planning, grocery list creation, yoga instruction, and personalized workout programs. You can also provide zoom calls to do weekly/monthly check-ins to ensure progress and goals are being met and live one-on-one training.

Virtual Assistant Services

A virtual assistant is someone who usually works from a remote home office space. Offer your services in areas such as scheduling meetings, organizing calendars, booking travel, performing market research, and answering emails. If you’re organized and tidy, this may be the perfect service for you to profit from. Keep track of zoom call minutes, organize group emails, and book travel, all while offering a meaningful and essential service!


These five services are simple and achievable. Whether you need to increase your income or you just want a little side hustle, these five services are sure to do just that for you.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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