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5 Ways to Brilliantly Differentiate Your Salon Business

When you are entering the beauty brand business, know that you have a huge competitive zone ahead of you. There are so many salons that are doing good work with a proper client base. You have to make your mark among all of them, which is not easy. But like any other fields, it is easy to make a good impression of your business if a few things are kept in mind. A few easy tricks and a difference in approach to building a business strategy can differentiate your business from all the others in the competition.

So let us see what are some of the simple yet effective things to do, in order to make your business stand out easily.

5 Tips to Stand Out

1. Bring in the reviews: What can be better for a business than the customers’ word. When you have made it through the initial days and have a steady crowd of customers, ask for their reviews and present them to others. Reviews are a great way to make potential customers have a peek into the kind of services you are offering. This helps them to choose you as a business that provides something besides the usual. Reviews maintain a level of transparency of the business that often works in favour.

2. Expand digitally: It is safe to say that at this point no business can grow without a good digital and social media presence. Therefore, one of the first thing any new salon business should do is to build themselves in a digital space. Go for a catchy name, design an attractive logo using a good barber logo maker that becomes popular with the people. Once this digital presence picks up, more people come to know about your business and quicker. 

3. Choose the younger crowd: For any beauty brand, staying in trend is very important. This means, the first people to attract to the business is the youth. If a salon is making their business more youth-centric, they are attracting a greater customer base. The word-of-mouth from a younger crowd will obviously attract more customers and therefore, make a salon special in its own way.

4. Select an inventory: The range of products and their quality is a key factor in determining the popularity of any beauty brand. When you are buying the different products – be it haircare, skincare, pedicure/manicure, etc. – make sure that you are thinking about the trends of the time and the customer base you are willing to create. A salon is definitely a place for people to have their own choice about products and what they want for themselves. If your salon can provide the right kind of variety, then it is definitely going to stand out against salons that use only specific brands.

5. Offers and giveaways: Customers are easily attracted to any kind of offers and discounts, more so if it is a new business. So a very good chance for salons to differentiate themselves is by these incentives. Discounts, product giveaways, contests and seasonal offers are all good ways to bring in new customers from time to time. The best way to create awareness about these offers is by putting the word out on social media, making pamphlets to go with the bills of the customers who are coming in and also by informing the customers.   

Make It Fun

Your business should be a place that you can create with your own vision and creativity. It is the place to experiment with your ideas and build something that you only had in mind. If you have the ideas in place, it is already possible that you are standing out from the other generic salon businesses that focus only on expanding customers. A potential customer base – especially the young people – are more interested to see what else is out there.

Be sure of the fact that if you have certain quirky ideas as to how your salon should turn out, it is likely to be more appreciated. Along with that, be polite and friendly with everyone who walks in. Because that is the best way to create a long-lasting, loyal customer base in a very short time.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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