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Does Instagram Notify When You Screenshot A Story?

Many a time people wish to screenshot an Instagram story and save it in their gallery

as a memory, reminder, or note to self. However, one question stops people from doing this. This

the question is, does Instagram notify when you screenshot a story? Well, if you’re worried about

the same thing, you have launched on the perfect page. In this blog, we are going to discuss

whether Instagram notifies when someone takes a screenshot of a story or not. Read this article for more information.

Does Instagram Notify for Taking Screenshots?

Talking about whether Instagram notifies about screenshots taken after stories, it is found

that Instagram users were given an opportunity to see the names of people who were screenshotting their stories. It can be dated back to February 2018. However, this feature expired

in the month of June of the same year, and cannot be used in present. Therefore, now the Instagram users are not notified about who took the screenshot of their stories. The people can

freely screenshot any story without the fear of being caught or pinpointed.

Hence, taking a screenshot of a story, screen recording a story, taking a screenshot of

a post, or even screen recording Instagram reels, the Instagram users will not be notified.

Some other things you should know about Instagram in case of using screen recording

or screenshotting, are discussed next.

In what cases does Instagram notify about screenshotting?

As discussed earlier, Instagram does not notify the user about screenshotting or screen

recording of any post, Instagram reel, direct message, or story. However, if a photo or video that

was sent through direct message had disappeared or deleted, and in that case, somebody takes a

screenshot, the Instagram user will be notified.

How does Instagram Notify you about screenshots taken?

Now how to know if somebody has taken a screenshot of your content? Well, for this

purpose you need to look for a small circle beside the disappearing or deleted video or photo.

This will give you a notification that somebody has taken a screenshot of the chat. You can also

see the notification about screenshot in the summary of the conversation on the main page of your Instagram page.

Things you need to know about screenshotting Instagram DMs

Before we talk about the things you need to know about screenshotting Instagram direct

messages, you need to know what a disappearing video or photo is. A disappearing video or

photo is the one that has been clicked or made using the Instagram camera. This video or photo

can only be viewed by the users once after it has been delivered by the sender via direct

messages. If the Instagram user screenshots or screens records the photo or video, once the

message has disappeared, the sender will be notified about it.

One thing needs to be noted that this is only possible when you send someone a

disappearing message. In case of messages that are not disappearing, the sender will not be

notified about screenshots regarding or screenshotting of that particular video or photo.

Furthermore, screenshotting of the chat and the media like images or videos shared

through the gallery of the cell phone will not notify the person.

Third-party apps claiming to notify you about Instagram screenshots is a scam

Any third-party app, claiming to notify you about Instagram screenshots or screen

recording needs not to be trusted. It’s a scam because Instagram takes care of the privacy

issues of its users and restrict the actions of any third-party apps that try to invade in the

Instagram app. This clearly indicates that there is no way you can know who is

screenshotting or screen recording your content on Instagram. Hence beware of any third-

party app that claims to notify you about the names of people who are screenshotting your

content. That third party app might also install a virus or result in malicious activities on your

Instagram account that might even lead to hacking of your Instagram account or even losing

your Instagram account.

So, these were a few things that you need to know about screenshotting and screen

recording of content on Instagram. I hope this blog helps you enhance your knowledge about

screenshotting and other concerns about Instagram, and warns you of the potential harms of availing services from third-party apps.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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