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Fascinating Facts About Vertical Grow Lights

Advancement in technology has brought tremendous changes in farming. Vertical farming is one of the most forms of advanced farming. This type of farming is done indoors where the plants are suspended in air or submerged in solutions.

Unlike traditional farming, where plants are planted on the soil, vertical farming does not require any soil. The conditions that are required for plant growth are sufficient nutrients, light, and heat. In vertical farming, plants are fed on an organic solution. They are also subjected to appropriate vertical grow light and heat for proper growth and development.

Vertical farming requires an artificial source of light. The unique factors about vertical grow light make them ideal for vertical farming.

 What Makes Vertical Grow Lights Ideal for Vertical Farming?

Vertical farming lighting technology allows everyone to grow their fresh produce. You can utilize any unused space in your house to grow crops of your choice. All you require to do is to source an artificial light source that will provide the ideal conditions for plant growth.

Vertical growth lights are recommended for use in vertical farming. The following are reasons why you should use vertical grow lights:

High Quality

 The vertical grow lights are made of high-quality materials. LEDiBond vertical grow lights last longer than the traditional light bulbs. The LED vertical grow lights are made of high-quality material which lasts longer than ordinary materials. LED iBond has low power consumption, thus saves on electric energy.

 The vertical grow lights are also more efficient because then they produce lower temperatures. Crops thrive at different temperatures. You can adjust the LED iBond vertical grow lights to match the type of crops you are growing.

Environment Sustainability

LED iBond vertical lights have a standard thickness of 6mm. This thickness supports environmental sustainability. The panels that make the bulbs are also lightweight and recyclable.

 The LED vertical also uses less energy, and one can adjust its lights depending on the needs. One vertical grow light can transmit light and electricity for up to 50 meters, thus saving energy consumption.

Calibrated Lighting

Vertical farming requires the use of a calibrated artificial light source. The calibrated light source produces an optimal electromagnetic spectrum that is a prerequisite for photosynthesis. LEDiBond vertical grow lights supplement the natural light and also produces electromagnetic radiation that facilitates photosynthesis.

 The vertical grow lights also produce different colors of light ideal for the production of chlorophyll. Chlorophyll production boosts plant growth and development. Plants need different colors of light for their growth. The red and blue color facilitates the absorption of energy in plants.

You can adjust your vertical grow light to the desired color throughout the day. This feature ensures that plants get sufficient quantity and quality type of light. LED produces the exact type of light that plants require at any time of the day.


You can customize the LED iBond vertical grow lights to suit different plants. Plants require a different amount of light and energy. Some plants require more extended daylight, while others do well in shorter daylight.

A farmer can adjust the vertical grow lights depending on the type of crops been grown. LED- technology helps vertical farmers to utilize their vertical gardens.

 Saves Energy

LED vertical grow lights have lower power consumption compared to the conventional lighttechnologies. A single vertical grow bulb can transmit heat and light to a longer distance than a traditional bulb. Lower power consumption reduces the cost of production. The low cost of production attracts many farmers to engage in vertical farming.

 Practicing vertical farming rings healthy plants ad more yields. Producing more food means that many urban areas can enjoy fresh produce from their vertical farms and can cause a surplus for economic gains.

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