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Hexo Corp Plans for Recreational Cannabis

As the Hexo Corp industry continues to advance, more and more companies are moving to get their stocks listed on major US stock exchanges, such as the NYSE or NASDAQ.

Canadian medical marijuana producer Aphria Inc debuted on the NYSE on November 2, 2018. Prior to that, the company’s stock was sold over-the-counter in the US and on the Toronto Stock Exchange. Reaching the NYSE lists is a big step for Aphria, thus opening up to a larger pool of investors.

Aphria thus joins a relatively small club of public (NYSE: HEXO) companies. Given the federal incertidubre that continues to surround Hexo Corp plans in the United States and in most of the world, few companies cannabis choose the path of being listed publicly in order to raise funds and even fewer are actions pure-play (pure and exclusively marijuana).

Public Hexo Corp Companies and Other Ways to Raise Capital
Cannabis companies can typically raise funds from venture capital firms , or they can list their stocks.

Listing a stock allows you to raise funds from a larger number of investors. At the same time, a share that is bought and sold publicly can be volatile, and even more so in an emerging sector such as the Hexo Corp business.

While being listed on major stock exchanges like the NYSE and NASDAQ requires adherence to strict transparency and accountability rules, it also gives investors a signal that the company is serious.

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Our team compiled a list of (NYSE: HEXO) companies that appear on the NYSE and NASDAQ, including a description of the company’s performance in this sector. In the first part of the list, we focus on pure-play stocks , that is, companies whose main business is (NYSE: HEXO).

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