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How to Choose the Best Forex Strategy

What is the most frequent question by both novice and experienced Forex traders? They are constantly puzzled about which trading strategy will bring them the biggest profit. And, if you are one of them, we have exciting news for you! You’ve got a chance to learn which strategies top traders apply and which of them are the most fruitful. Intrigued? Then, get acquainted with the research by the experts of Traders Union.

This platform is known to constantly monitor the current trends and innovations in the Forex market and regularly perform related investigations applying diversified approaches. Their reviews enjoy popularity among thousands of novice and advanced traders who strive to enhance their knowledge, skills, and profits.

So, their latest research was focused on the methods and schemes used by leading traders. Having looked through hundreds of reviews and tutorials, the team of Traders Union found out that every expert and trader has his own opinion on which strategy is winning. As a result, novice traders analyzing materials available get confused and cannot choose which method to start with. So, Traders Union decided to provide exact statistics on the use of different strategies by prosperous traders so that other traders can see through their examples which methods really work.

Why should you read this research? Its unique feature is that it covers 2,400 accomplished traders working with the top 10 brokers in the market. Traders Union has the largest base of traders working with hundreds of varied brokers. So, you can be sure that the results they received are objective and worth trusting.

Which strategies can you select from?

After studying the behavior of traders under consideration, as well as the materials available in open access, Traders Union experts singled out the following types of strategies.

Depending on the period of position holding, one can distinguish such methods:

  • Day Trading. Most traders prefer to open and close positions on the same day without leaving them open overnight. That allows them to easily and effectively adjust to the fast-paced market trends.
  • Position Trading. Those who select this method analyze long-term chats to catch the current trends. They open positions when the prices on the corresponding assets start to grow and close them when the prices start decreasing. As a rule, positions are held open for several days or weeks.
  • Swing Trading. In such a case, one takes advantage of the high volatility periods. So, one earns from differences in prices. This strategy implies holding positions for short terms.
  • Scalping. Traders sticking to this scheme can perform hundreds of trades per day. Holding periods do not usually last longer than several seconds or minutes. Such traders are oriented toward small but frequent gains from the difference between supply and demand prices.

Speaking about types of market analysis, traders can choose from:

  • Fundamental analysis. It implies analyzing the current trends and recent events in the sphere of global economics and basing decisions upon the corresponding conclusions.
  • Technical. This approach involves analyzing the past tendencies on the market and the past trends in other traders’ behavior. Traders using this method believe that people are prone to act identically in identical or similar situations.
  • Combined. As you have probably guessed, this strategy unites the two previously mentioned. So, a trader may make a decision based on the fundamental analysis and use the conclusions from a technical investigation as an extra argument in support of it or vice versa.

Besides, there are three types of strategies based on market tendencies:

  • Trendline. It implies opening positions in the direction of the current tendency and closing them when it weakens.
  • Countertrend. According to it, traders open and hold positions for the period of pullback.
  • Sidewise trend. One opens a position for the period of price stability and takes advantage of slight rate movements.

Which strategy turned out to be the most effective?

Now, when you have learned about all the schemes available to traders, you probably want to know which one will help you earn the most. If yes, be sure to get acquainted with the results of the study in the article by Traders Union.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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