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Sergey Karshkov: 9 Pandas’ LeadRate Project

LeadRate – a media buying agency – contacted 9 Pandas to design a landing page. 9 Pandas’ mission was to create a landing page that would differentiate LeadRate from its competitors, highlighting the company’s value proposition. The client did not have a specific technical brief, but rather gave 9 Pandas complete creative freedom.

Analysis of rival websites revealed a common trend. The most popular format among media agencies was a simple landing page featuring basic information, outlining the company’s services in a factual, emotionless way.

Recognising the power of emotional marketing in terms of appealing to visitors in a personal, human way, 9 Pandas came up with an entirely new concept, formulating a creative design with a cyberpunk edge. The landing page that 9 Pandas produced for LeadRate presents a series of illustrations as the visitor scrolls down the page; simulacra, nuancing the increasing cyberization of life.

LeadRate’s landing page incorporates the human element, with the first image depicting a busy city street scene after dark. Crowds bustle to and fro beneath skyscrapers and billboards. On closer inspection, it becomes apparent that each person is distracted, staring down at their mobile device; a common theme in everyday life.

Scrolling down, the eye is drawn to a display of monitors and TVs, featuring the familiar logos of Instagram, YouTube, Facebook and Google. Scrolling further, the visitor is confronted by a futuristic scene, incorporating robotics and a group of people using VR technology.

The final image depicts a dark corridor, scantly illuminated by strip lights and strewn with thick cables. In the corridor stand two colossal supercomputers: a mass of display panels and lights.

The campaign highlights LeadRate’s extensive digital-marketing experience, as well as showcasing the media buying agency’s commitment to leveraging the latest technology in the pursuit of excellence.

About 9 Pandas

Founded by Sergey Karshkov, 9 Pandas is a market-leading advertising agency that draws on is founder’s wealth of industry experience, leveraging innovative technology to create effective and engaging campaigns.

9 Pandas provides a variety of different services, supporting clients’ creative output in a range of different ways, from undertaking consumer research and creating marketing strategies; to developing web content, slogans, and scripts; to video production.

Not only does 9 Pandas provide clients with a full spectrum marketing service, but the company is also an employer of choice, investing in the development of its employees’ professional and personal skills, eliminating dress codes and bureaucracy, and providing its workforce with a recreational area as well as free meals and beverages.

Claire James
Claire Jameshttp://www.firedigitaluk.com
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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