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The Best And Top-Rated Driving Offence Solicitors

Let’s face it: driving is not the easiest and safest thing to do. There is a lot that could happen, and you don’t have control over such things. One of the things that could happen is that you find yourself with a driving offense. A driving offense can be something simple or downright fatal. But don’t you worry, help is on the way. Driving offense solicitors are here to your aid. Not only will a solicitor inform you of driving-related matters. They are your lifeline when something goes awry. We’ll cover what solicitors are and what they can do for you. We will also tackle the best and most reliable solicitors you can find. Let’s get started.

A Driving Offence Solicitor?

The term might be new to some, including you, dear reader. But, there is such thing as a driving offense solicitor. You read that right. A driving offense solicitor is an individual who has expertise and knowledge regarding driving and road traffic offenses and felonies. A solicitor can teach about what trouble you can get yourself into once on the road. A solicitor is also your best bet for avoiding jail time.

Driving Offences

A driving offense is something that you commit by driving a vehicle or by being in one, and you break a law. There are driving offenses that happen on roads and road-related settings and areas. Driving offenses do not occur on roads alone. Such offenses can happen in the following locations:

  • A road division
  • A public setting
  • Walkways and paths near a road
  • Areas for animal crossing
  • Cycling and jogging lanes
  • Parking spaces

The Charges

Driving offenses have varieties. Here are some of the offenses below. Take note that each of these offenses has a different penalty. The penalty will depend on the severity of the act or violation.

  • Drunk driving or DUI(driving under the influence)

This offense is quite severe. Drunk driving and driving under the influence of drugs impose prison sentences. An offender will also receive a driving ban.

  • Mobile phone driving offenses

Being on the phone while driving is a practice you should not indulge yourself in at all. So it is no surprise that a driving offense for such an action exists. The penalty depends on some factors.

  • Speeding

Speeding is the most common driving offense. It happens regularly. Speeding brings a couple of penalty points, and the worse you could receive is a temporary ban. 

  • Reckless and dangerous driving

Reckless and dangerous driving rarely ends well. You will get more than just a ban, especially if you end up hurting someone. 

  • Failing to report an accident

Failing to report an accident is a driving offense that can also lead to a ban or time behind bars. Like some of the other noteworthy ones, the penalty will depend on a couple of deciding factors.

  • Not stopping at the scene of an incident

This offense is similar to failing to report an accident. 

  • No insurance driving

Better have insurance, they say. If you drive without any insurance, you can get a fine and a driving ban. In some cases, an offender can commit the offense without knowing it at all.

Once you are found guilty of a charge, expect to pay a heavy fine. But if the offense or violation is severe, you might completely lose your license and face some time behind bars.


The Best, Most Reliable, And Very Responsive Solicitors

At one point that you happen to commit a driving charge, your next best move is to get in touch with a solicitor. Having one to support and represent you is crucial. That is if you want to prove your innocence and keep driving. You can find a lot of solicitors out there. However, the best and the responsive driving offence solicitor is just one click away. 

To Sum Things Up

A driving offense solicitor is your key to keeping your driving license and staying away from jail time. If you have an offense plus a conviction, a solicitor can also help you in reducing the penalty’s severity. But all of this would not mean a thing if you don’t do your part as well. So, you better drive safely and responsibly. 

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