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Three Google Algorithm Updates for 2021

The June 2021 Update & July 2021 Update
On Wednesday (2nd June 2021), Google announced via the Google Search Liaison Twitter account that they had started rolling out the latest core update for June 2021. Part 2 of the update will roll out in July 2021.

Both June and July’s updates should have been one large summer core update but Google’s team wanted to get the first half into the world as soon as possible. This is why we’re getting two core updates so close together.

Don’t worry, Google claims that most companies won’t be too impacted with two core updates rolling out one after another, especially when core updates are typically not supposed to hit most websites hard. This means that even if your website gets hit with June’s update, there’s no reason to panic as tables might turn considerably once July’s update rolls out. Sadly, the same goes for those enjoying positive changes right now as it’s too early to celebrate. Chances are, however, that you won’t notice anything at all.

For those seeing fluctuations in rankings, or simply wanting a little more clarity and transparency on what you really should be doing for the update, the team at John Cabot have put together a guide to core updates.

The difference between core updates and other updates is that core updates only happen a handful of times a year and bring significant changes to Google’s ranking system. This means that the target of the update is not a specific site category – no you’re not being attacked – but overall search.

Even if either June or July’s update reflects on your site negatively, that doesn’t necessarily mean that you’ve done something wrong or that there’s something wrong with your website/content. With the other new updates changing the way Google ranks user experience, chances are that what used to be relevant simply may not be so anymore.

Page Experience Update

Last year, Google announced the Page Experience Update, which was due to roll out in May 2021, but has been pushed back to this month.

Google’s core update probably won’t affect an average Google search user, but it may require SEO professionals to refine their approach to page experience. Essentially, this Page Experience Update will affect the way Google assesses and ranks the quality of user experience on a certain webpage. Keep in mind that even though you won’t feel the true changes until July’s update rolls out, recovery is always possible, and sometimes all it takes is some content refreshing to maintain your relevance in the search results.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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