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Trading tip: How to prepare and have a strategy for crypto trading

Cryptocurrency trading is increasingly becoming popular worldwide as people look for alternative ways to make passive money. First, you should consider these questions before making a move into the crypto industry. For example, can you obtain cash trading cryptocurrencies? How can you generate cash from crypto investments? To address these questions, let’s explore further.

Just like any other investment, cryptocurrency investments come with their own sets of risks, and earning cash in the sector is not a walk in the park.

Investors who took a risk earlier, have generated significant returns. However, there are other factors such as experience, better tactics, and wide-ranging research that one needs to secure and achieve success in the sector.

Therefore, this article prepared by experts from the Bitcoin Code platform will help anyone interested in trading cryptocurrencies to understand various strategies and methods of earning profits from cryptocurrencies.

Trade cryptocurrency CFDs

Contract For Difference (CFD) will enable any investor to trade fluctuating crypto prices. In essence, CFD is considered a margin trading method because you can trade a bigger portion using a lesser amount. For instance, an investor can trade a minimum of 0.1 BTC using a little amount as the prime margin.

CFD comes with many benefits. One is that you can either go short or long irrespective of the market trends and you’re likely to generate yields when the crypto price fluctuates. Also, it’s convenient to trade Bitcoin CFD on a daily or weekly basis.

Identify the right trading platform

To buy and sell a cryptocurrency, you need to identify a suitable trading platform for you. Many trading platforms exist in the sector, while new ones hit the market each year. Although it’s difficult to identify the best platform, you can begin by considering factors such as:

  1. Active users using the platform.
  2. The number of years the platform has been in the industry.
  3. Reliable testimonials of traders who have benefited from the platform.

After identifying the suitable platform for you, you need to visit the official site to fill an online form. You’re only required to provide minimal info such as name, email address, contact number and password to get registered. After successful account activation, which takes a few minutes, your preferred platform will connect you to the underlying broker.

The next step will involve making a capital investment through the underlying broker. The minimum amount invested is considered affordable based on the returns you can make from trading various cryptocurrencies.

The last part is live trading. You have to employ the right strategies, including the stop loss as you trade various cryptocurrencies. However, start with a smaller percentage of your invested capital, and increase the trading amount from the profits you generate.

Learn Day Trading

In case you’re wondering how to generate cash from trading a cryptocurrency, day trading allows you that option. Here, crypto traders employ different tactics to place several crypto trading orders within a day.

Since cryptocurrencies, including Bitcoin, are highly volatile, day trading appears ideal because any crypto investor will have adequate peaks and troughs within the day to generate a substantial return.

In general, you identify and purchase low-trading crypto and later sell it off when its market price surges. Despite the little amount you will make, you are likely to amass lots of cash on a long-term basis.

Many analysts consider day trading as a skill you have to harness each day. Thus, when you dedicate quality time to learning the process, it can turn out as a successful endeavor. 

Although you may not succeed on each trade, the primary target for day trading is to ensure your triumph on several occasions.

Venture in long-term trading

Another way of trading a cryptocurrency is taking a long-term approach. Several investors may decline to trade a digital coin, but rather prefer to purchase a crypto, hold it within their digital wallet, and sell it on a later date when its price surges to earn a significant return.

The underlying concept of a long-term trade is ensuring you carry out an in-depth analysis to ascertain that your preferred crypto investment will pick a price momentum over the coming days or months.

The crypto market has several cryptocurrencies with distinct features such as Bitcoin, Ethereum including other Altcoins. These cryptocurrencies hit the industry several years ago and are well-known for facilitating international payment. When investing in novel cryptos, some can appear affordable, only later to record a price uptrend, while others can tend to have risk factors such as fraudulent schemes.

So far, several traders who joined the crypto race a couple of years ago have amassed lots of cash from trading Bitcoin since time and again it has recorded new all-time highs.

Cryptocurrency faucet

One more effective method of trading a digital coin is through a cryptocurrency faucet. The method is considered convenient to several traders as it allows them to obtain extra returns from buying and selling a little portion of a cryptocurrency.

In short, a cryptocurrency faucet works more like a website where smaller portions of a digital coin, for instance, Ethereum or Bitcoin, are issued after a couple of minutes. However, you will have to carry out several functions as per the underlying site.

Also, a crypto faucet has many advantages such as user-friendly features as well as its quite simple to earn a digital coin on the site.

Initial coin offering

Although Initial Coin Offerings (ICO) appears like crowdfunding, it’s relatively distinct in a number of ways. For the most part, ICO enables crypto investors to mobilize finances by trading a cryptocurrency without risking their capital investment.

Also, there is a high opportunity to earn a viable return from the initial investment amount bearing the risk factors within the industry. However, ICO has shortcomings such as cyber threats, including fraudulent schemes. Thus, it’s a wise move to carry out due diligence before determining the suitable ICO for your course.

Closing remarks

Cryptocurrency trading comes with ups and downs. Many traders have succeeded and amassed lots of cash from buying and selling cryptocurrencies when their prices fluctuate. Also, others that did not employ the right strategies left the financial market having recorded huge losses.

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Sam Allcock
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