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UK Scholarships for International Students

Students who live in underdeveloped countries have dreams and aspirations of improving their lives and their respective countries. To achieve this, they feel that their only option is to further their education in a country like the UK.

The UK has some of the best universities in the world, and they offer some amazing scholarship programs for international students

It doesn’t matter where a student is from, as long as they meet the criteria set by a particular college or university, they will be selected. This article by will look at some of the best UK scholarship programs for international students.

Benefits of Scholarship Programs 

  1. Scholarships help international students get into expensive colleges or universities. Students from developing countries often come from poor backgrounds, and getting high-quality education in a country like the UK is a dream. This is why scholarship programs are so important because they make this dream a reality. It gives them financial aid which enables them to study a course of their choice at one of the UK’s best colleges or universities. Once their course is finished, they can go back to their home country and improve their lives there thanks to the knowledge they gain.
  2. Scholarship programs allow students to focus on their studies rather than work. When international students arrive in the UK, they look for part-time employment to have some extra cash, however, they can affect their academic performances. Scholarship programs allow international students to worry less about getting a job and focus more on their studies. This lets them get better grades and eventually a better job as soon as their course is complete. 
  3. Scholarship programs can boost a student’s resume. Since competition is stiff, winning a scholarship is not easy at all, and you need some good fortune on your side to be picked from thousands of applicants. As soon as you’re awarded a scholarship, all your previous school achievements get enhanced. When you apply for jobs and employers see that you were on a scholarship program, they know they’ve come across a candidate who is hard-working. 
  4. Scholarship programs help international students gain additional experience. Even though one might have studied a particular course they are passionate about, they might be interested in another to gain experience or broaden their knowledge. A scholarship allows students to fulfill this need to gain extra experience and knowledge in something different from what they already know by helping them get enrolled at a top educational institution. This makes them an attractive candidate for employers in the future when they’re finished because they bring different disciplines to the table.

UK Scholarship Programs Available for International Students

  1. The Chevening Scholarships. This is one of the best scholarship programs offered by the UK government. Any student that feels that they have strong leadership skills is advised to apply for this program. Candidates are selected by the British Embassies located in different parts of the world. Future leaders of big organizations all over the globe have a chance to develop new skills while studying this program while experiencing what the UK has to offer. There are over 1500 of this scholarship offered every year to international students, and it offers financial help for a year Master’s Degree.
  2. Euraxess UK. Euraxess UK is an online portal that is managed by the British Council. Its purpose is to help the careers of researchers and make the most of the mobility opportunities out there. This program supports people who want to move to the UK as well as local researchers who have aspirations to work in other countries. Euraxess UK scholarship programs are as follows, first stage researcher (postgraduate level), early career researcher (postdoctoral level), and experienced researcher (over 6 years post-doctorate). Lastly, this scholarship program allows researchers to use its online service to find information and jobs in the UK.
  3. The Commonwealth Scholarships. The scholarships that come under this umbrella include Commonwealth Ph.D. Scholarships, Commonwealth Master’s Scholarships, and Commonwealth Distance Learning Scholarships. Students who come from the commonwealth countries can apply for any of the programs mentioned above every year.  This is a wonderful opportunity for those students who can’t afford to study in the UK to further their education due to financial constraints. Students for this program are picked based on their academic background as well as their desire to help their respective home countries. 
  4. The Royal Society Grants. This is a great program for scientists and is up there with some of the oldest scientific academies in the world. Its three main goals are to promote excellence in science, support collaboration at an international level, and prove science’s importance to everyone.
  5. UK university scholarships. Some top UK universities offer international students a chance to study on their premises via scholarship programs of their own as long as they’ve excelled in their home country. Some of the best universities in the UK that open their doors to international students include the University of Cambridge, University of Oxford, Imperial College London, King’s College London, London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), and University College London (UCL). Students can find all the information they need by visiting the official websites of the universities mentioned above. 

Good quality education is not cheap, especially in a developed country like the UK, and most international students need financial help to cover the cost as well as living expenses.

Competition is very high when it comes to applying for a scholarship, and a student needs to make sure their application stands out to be picked. They need to have a strong academic background and a desire to push themselves to be the best they can be. Many universities look for this before picking students because their reputation is on the line if they pick candidates who affect their pass rate.

Any student with top honors in their respective country should not think twice and apply for any of the scholarship programs mentioned above.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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