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Unusual Online Gambling Laws and Regulations

Online gambling is a multimillion-dollar industry, and its popularity has been increasing over the past few years. You can pick from thousands of options that draw people in by offering them casino ilmaiskierrokset in Finland.

With casinos becoming more accessible, many countries across the global world market have placed laws and regulations on gambling. Online gambling is legally allowed in many countries as long as the casino has the proper licensing.


In Canada, some confusing online gambling laws aren’t as straightforward as they should be. One of those laws is that a casino must get permission to offer gambling and betting services to Canadian citizens. If it doesn’t, then it’s illegal. However, it only becomes a problem when a citizen tries to play at that casino from overseas because there are no gambling laws that cover this situation. This confusion gets worse because each province has its regulations and gambling outlets.


The European Commission is in charge of the countries that are in the European Union, but every country can create its own laws and regulations. This leads to varying gambling laws making the legal status of this type of gaming different per country.


According to the expert Maunu Seppinen, In Switzerland, there are federal and cantonal laws and regulations for gambling. The federal laws are in charge of the licensing of casinos, and the cantonal laws cover the lottery and sports betting. In January of 2019, the Money Gaming Act started blocking the IP addresses of all foreign online gambling sites. This is to ensure that the sites pay their taxes. If one of these websites wants to operate in Switzerland, it  needs to register for a license and pay taxes.


Norway has strict laws for physical land-based casinos and gambling, but these laws don’t mention online casinos. Because of this lack of clarification, online gambling in this country is thriving. When playing at online casinos, the only issue people have is that in Norwegian law, it’s illegal to transfer money from your bank to a foreign gaming company. But, many people have found ways to get around this law.


Germany has many laws about gambling online, and for the most part, it’s illegal in the country. In companies licenced by the government, you can legally bet on horses and sports. If you want to bet at an online casino, it’s only legal in the state of Schleswig-Holstein.


The Netherlands is an extremely liberal country, but it has some complicated laws regarding gambling online. It’s only legal to bet online at a domestic website, and all foreign sites are illegal. But, these domestic sites aren’t allowed to advertise to the Dutch people. It seems that these laws aren’t enforced because both the Dutch and foreign countries continue with their gambling activities.


The United States only has a few states where it’s legal to gamble online. We found a number of unusual gambling laws.


In Colorado, they are working on passing a law to make sports betting legal. Under this law, it would be a low misdemeanour, where you’ll be fined for betting by phone, radio, or telegraph. If you’re caught doing this multiple times, you’ll be charged with a minor felony, and you could face up to a year in jail and a fine.

New Jersey

It’s legal to gamble in New Jersey both at a physical casino and online. However, there is an odd regulation when it comes to betting on sledge dog racing. You can only bet on this race during exhibits and agricultural fairs.


There are many weird gambling laws around the world. When it comes to gambling online, many of them aren’t well-regulated. We hope these laws will change and make more sense as the industry continues to grow.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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