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Villas to Rent in Malta

Why would you want to rent a Villa in Malta? We can tell you why! Because summer is approaching and that means you will get to sip cocktails by the pool on a hot summer’s day. Sounds like heaven to us!

Find the right one

Whether you would like to rent out a villa in Malta or her sister island, Gozo, the option is yours. If you simply browse the web, there are several excellent reviews from expats and locals who credit these properties for their lovely landscape views and friendly neighbourhoods.

The size of Malta

Since Malta is a small island with Gozo even smaller, (just around 300,000 inhabitants!), it is very likely that this type of lodging, especially for short let will be reserved fast. Malta is also a top destination for travelling in Europe. Therefore, it would be advisable that once you know exactly the dates that you wish to visit, then pre-booked in advance. Many villas are in many different locations all around the island and the reason people opt for this property is because it feels just like a home. You will have the same quantity of privacy. The more people you lodge with, the more cost-effective. Of course, the number of people must abide to accommodation regulations.

Villas With Pool

A poolside is usually the most attractive asset of a villa. Who would not want to barbeque by the pool? Yet if this is not suitable for your budget range, there are also villas on the market that do not have pools and are also smaller in size.

Choose your location

Choosing a location depends on your lifestyle. If you would like to indulge in Malta’s infamous night life than the best areas would be close to in proximity to Paceville. Another option would be Bugibba in the North of the island. Whether you would like to be close to culture and entertainment or relax within the tranquil urban landscape that the island has to offer, this type of property is available anywhere. Public transport or taxi services will also take you at your required destination within minutes!

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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