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You Can Collect Two Retirement Pensions At The Same Time In Spain

You Can Collect Two Retirement Pensions At The Same Time In SpainThe biggest concern for workers who are nearing the end of their working life is to know if they will have a retirement pension that ensures a certain solvency during the final stage of their life. However, there are certain cases where this need not be a problem … as they are entitled to two retirement pensions at the same time.

This is the case of people who have worked as self-employed (in the special regime for self-employed workers, the Reta) and as employed workers (in the general regime). If they meet the general requirements for each of the two schemes , they will be able to have these two retirement pensions.

In the first place, they will have to reach the ordinary retirement age, which by 2021 is 66 years if they did not work 37 years and three months and 65 if that threshold has been crossed, which grows progressively year by year.

In addition, you must be registered in the two schemes at the time of retirement or, if you are only registered in one, be able to demonstrate that in the other the minimum contribution period has been reached in an overlapping way (simultaneously ).

Afterwards, you will have to have reached the mandatory contribution periods: you have to contribute at least 15 years for each of the schemes that entitle you to the pension. In each of them you must have contributed at least two years within the last 15 before retirement.

In any case, putting together all the pensions to which they are entitled, the maximum amount stipulated for 2021 in Royal Decree 46/2021 may not be exceeded , which leaves them at 2,707.49 euros per month in 14 payments after the revaluation of the pensions approved at the beginning of the year .

This will be the amount of pensions
To calculate the pension , the usual calculation that takes into account the number of years of contributions and the regulatory base for which contributions have been made can be followed , taking into account the last 24 years (that is, the last 288 months) and the divisor for 2021, which is 336.

Dividing the global computation of these regulatory bases by the divisor, there will be an amount to which the percentage corresponding to the years listed will have to be applied. The minimum of 15 entitles you to a 50% pension that then increases between 0.19% and 0.21% for each month.

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