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Are Personalized Emails Worth it? 10 Points to Justify

Your email marketing campaign can be one of your most worthwhile investments for expanding and growing your business. Research shows time and again that customers are more likely to respond to products and services that are marketed to them over email, making email marketing a guaranteed way of acquiring leads and attracting customers. Despite the new forms of marketing that have cropped up and been fruitful in the last few years, one can hardly deny the steady success of email marketing and the reliable returns that it brings. Personalizing email is a strategy often employed by businesses when deploying their campaign. But what is its effectiveness when considering outreach and establishing communication with prospective clients? We have compiled a list that aims to see if personalizing drives is worth the hype! We hope you find this useful!

  1. Greater Sales Returns 

Personalizing emails means that you are sending data that is relevant to your client. Compared to regular emails deployed in bulk, personalized emails increase the sales return because the products are based on the internet history of the clients, indicating their preferences. So they are more likely to be interested in what you are offering. 

  1. More Subscribers 

Personalized emails result in a significant reduction in the number of people who unsubscribe to your emails. Most people don’t want to be bombarded with loads of information that is irrelevant to them. Prospects appreciate brands that provide information and services that are meaningful and add some value to their lives. So if you do your research on the kinds of products your target audience values, you can deliver what they are looking for, and your subscribers will belong to hear from you and stay connected. 

  1. Loyal Customers 

This increased conversation with the prospects in your email- list will, over time, lead to a steady channel of communication between you and your clients. Studies show that personalizing emails often leads to higher response rates. Personalized emails will also show your subscribers that you care about their interests and expectations: sustained interactions secure long-term and loyal clients, which is the foundation of any commercially successful enterprise. 

  1. Save Yourself from Losses 

Once you personalize your emails, you will get the kind of responses and interactions you want, or your open-and-click-through rates will indicate the recipients who are not very responsive. In the second case, you save yourself any losses by only deploying emails to the clients who want to communicate or securing new leads. 

  1. No Operational Costs 

Let’s get real – marketing can prove to be quite expensive. Besides, you can only use so many words even when trying to talk to a large audience. Moreover, putting together the best way to write and communicate your message and intentions is a time and energy-demanding process. Therefore, you can consider automating your email campaigns to save yourself considerable expenditure. Personalized emails can automatically arrive at conclusions about products that are services best suited for each customer and deploy at the right time. 

  1. Increased Conversion rates 

Research has demonstrated that conversion rates from personalized emails are more than double the standard rates. That is, customers who have been marketed with customized emails tend to make more than double the purchases than those who have not because the emails offer them exactly the kind of products they want. In addition, when they witness it on your site, they feel a sense of familiarity with it and are more inclined to make a purchase.  

  1. Improved Brand Image 

Personalization leads to an overall increase in the quality of your services. Through the interactions you establish with your clients, you become more familiar with the kind of expectations they have regarding your brand and what each customer needs. Putting together this information will give you a fair share of improving your business by integrating their desires. This factor leads to an overall improvement in your brand image. 

  1. Quality Content 

The insight you gain about your customer’s preferences combined with the manner and frequency with which they respond to your emails will give you a good sense of how to best speak to your target audience in a way that resonates with them. This connection will provide you with the necessary know-how for creating more compelling and engaging content. You can use this to improve the design aspects of your emails. Unique and meaningful content stays with your clients long after they have closed their emails. 

  1. Improves Credibility 

Customers ultimately want to trust the engaging brands. Value-based content impresses that you know what you are talking about – and more importantly, it means that your emails are not spam, building your brand’s credibility. If you feel you need more assistance with this, you can enlist the help of email marketing management services for these aspects of your campaign. 

  1. More Profits 

Finally, the points mentioned above will work in your favor by driving more traffic your way and increasing the interactions audiences have with your site as well as on-site transactions, resulting in an overall increase in your profits. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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