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Europafood is an 8-year-old start-up based in Central London, precisely in Paddington. They are regarded as one of the French market leaders in their sector.

The company has a small team of 30 employees and their mission is to provide European food products for those residing in the UK. Europafood essentially sell French products, but they are diversifying their range by adding Portuguese, Italian, and Greek products. Moreover, it imports all its merchandise fresh from Europe and delivers them directly to their customers’ door.

Their vision is to essentially bring back emotions to their clients through making their home food available to order, reminding clients of past trips, and offering gifts that perhaps also bring back memories.

To meet these needs, the variety of their products is very wide. It is very important for Europafood to be at the forefront of innovation. When new products appear in French supermarkets, you will quickly find them at Europafood due to their constant travel between France and the UK and their ability to keep up to date. However, there is also a selective approach, so products are reviewed and discussed in order to satisfy our customers.

In addition to the French products, in 2021 Europafood has decided to expand their product range. In addition to the French products, they now offer Portuguese products such as their most famous cakes, olive oil, juice etc.

But also, a range of purely Italian products which is a real success! Their most popular products have been selected by Europafood to allow the Italian community in England to have access to them. Their best pasta, cakes, sauces etc. are available from Europafood! 

The trip to Europe is not over yet as a range of Spanish and Greek products are also available!

The Spanish range includes sauces, meats and cold cuts, while the Greek range includes cheese, salads and more.

The origin of the fresh products is also exclusive to guarantee the best possible quality to their customers. Some products are also customizable in terms of quantity according to the needs, like meat and fish.

Indeed, the team is very flexible when it comes to their customers. You can contact them by email or by phone, they are available and ready to answer your needs. If you wish to visit the store it is open every day of the week, the offers are recurrent, and the staff is there to help.

For the order process, there are many ways available to suit everyone. You can shop from the store but also collect from there. Ordering online and get a delivery at your place is also an option Europafood offers. And, on top of that food shop online Europafood is also available on Deliveroo and Uber eats for those who live in the store area and wish to have a same day delivery.

For those who wish to become part of the Europafood community, they will benefit from the loyalty scheme put in place by the company to make their clients feel valued and appreciated. It is easy to subscribe and you will receive an extra offer every time you order.

Claire James
Claire James
Claire is an accounts manager at Fire Digital UK, an online publishing and content marketing company based in the North West.

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