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Business development expert talks about the top businesses you can start after lockdown

Most residents make plans for vacations, parties they will attend, and which eateries they’ll dine in as the lockdown draws to a close. Anyone with a business mindset, on the other hand, will do what they usually do in highs and lows: search for new opportunities.

With summertime coming and the pandemic finally fading from sight, there’s plenty of opportunities if you look in the right places.

None of us can foretell how the future will look. Still, experts with intuition and expertise can make informed predictions about which business ideas will prosper in the post-pandemic era. We spoke with a few business development experts from various fields who have done just that.

This article will analyze the three niches that are expected to thrive in the post-pandemic environment. If you’re interested in setting up a business, these solutions could be an excellent starting point.

Artificial grass supply

Indoor meetings and recreational pursuits will eventually come back, but perhaps not in their entirety or even in the exact way you remember them.

As a result of this fact, one post-COVID-19 business idea stands out as a clear opportunity ripe for the taking.

“Since everyone’s been momentarily shut off from person-to-person engagements, artificial grass will most certainly become the next choice for gatherings for quite a while,” said María Bhatia, a reporter, businesswoman, and blogger.

Artificial grass has gradually blossomed into an immensely popular lawn solution today, thanks to breakthroughs in technology that make it look just like natural grass.

Its low-upkeep features and year-long beautiful green appearance attract many households around the world.

However, as artificial grass has grown in popularity, it has become more widespread in various applications, including play areas, football pitches, concerts, fairs, and small business firms.

Artificial grass is being employed by various businesses and corporate entities to change boring, uneven stretches of grass into beautiful green lawns that customers may enjoy throughout the year.

Hotels, recreational places, eateries, car dealerships, and almost everywhere with extensive outdoor spaces are now gravitating to the many benefits that artificial grass provides over genuine turf.

To see the promising future of this idea, the United Kingdom plays host to hundreds of companies that specialize in artificial grass supply online.

With an overall quality share of about 33.09 percent in 2016, Europe is the top producer of Artificial Grass Turf.

As per, the synthetic turf market was worth £2.5 billion in 2019 but will be worth £6.5 billion in 2026, with a compound annual growth rate of 10.5 percent between 2019 and 2026.

Cleaning Services

After the easing of lockdown, it’s impossible to picture many individuals in the country being oblivious to germs in the building facilities where they reside, do business in, and eat as they had been in 2019.

This leaves a large market gap.

There will forever be a growing demand for cleaning services in our neighbourhood,” said Pritchett Andy, creator of VERILL and former sales manager at the marketing firm Profitch in Milton Keynes. “Clearly, COVID has raised concerns about office sanitation and hygiene. All of these firms will start controlling the larger urban businesses in the post-covid era.”

Consulting firm ReportLinker backs up Lally’s claim. According to their projections, the cleaning industry will increase at a cumulative yearly growth rate of 6% within the next five years, from now to 2026. Smaller companies that manufacture or supply cleaning goods or materials, educate cleaning staff or organizations, give advisory services, offer licenses or diploma training, and those that perform the actual cleaning, all have the growth potential.

According to the survey, robotic and automated professional cleaners, eco-friendly janitorial services, and customized cleaning companies are in great demand, indicating that companies that disrupt the standard cleaning template are more likely to succeed.

“A contemporary indoor cleaning firm advertised as an extremely successful startup has the capacity to be extremely profitable,” Lally added.

Online Learning

It’s no mistake that moms and dads throughout the country are either relieved that their children are ready to go to school or looking forward to the day when they will be. On the other hand, many parents found that e-learning provided them with more freedom and influence over their children’s education than the outdated twentieth-century classroom paradigm. There’s no stopping for them — at least for now.

According to Cleeves Lewis, chief operating officer at Monetars, E-learning is a viable business strategy for the post-COVID era. “We’ve already seen how the popularity of remote services has increased dramatically. E-learning is a convenient educational platform that is quickly gaining traction as a better solution to more conventional types of training and education.”

Martin’s analysis, according to EducationWeek (EW), is accurate. According to a RAND Corporation poll of 300+ public schools, 20% of schools anticipate that virtual programs will be sustained and even widened in the weeks and months following the lockdown. According to a different EW report, much of that advancement will be based on the hybrid system introduced in 2020, with the traditional school functioning as the centre of a larger e-learning network.

There might be a huge golden opportunity here for the business sector.

Small businesses that revolve around e-learning technologies, personnel, retraining, installation, technology, publications, resources, equipment, coaching, tutoring, consulting, advising will all thrive in 2021 and years afterward. E-learning represents an exciting arena in the realm of business.

“While private e-learning is booming, corporate e-learning seems to be where I’m witnessing the most exciting advancements,” according to Martin. “Work environments are struggling to react to the needs of new customers, fresh business regulations, and a fundamentally transformed marketplace in the post-pandemic era. Companies can use e-learning to acquire proper retraining for their personnel. Within the next year, I believe we’ll observe a lot of firms pop up.”

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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