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Direct cremation: Funeral costs vary wildly across the UK, new research shows

Cremation costs differ widely across the country and the cost is often determined solely by location, new research from Direct Cremation by Harbour has revealed.

The average cost of cremation in the UK is currently £3,885 and that figure is expected to rise to over £5,000 by 2030.

But the exact amount depends to a large degree on where a person is located, which is often unconnected to the cost of living or affluence of that area.

For example, a cremation in East London costs an average of £317 more than one in West London.

The main reason for this is a lack of competition, with the UK’s 300 crematoria able to set their own prices.

Furthermore, planning restrictions make it virtually impossible to build near existing crematoria in order to compete, so there is little incentive for crematoria to reduce their costs. 

Adding to the inequity, the pandemic has led to people paying increased prices for a shorter memorial service and fewer guests. 

Indeed, some venues have only been allocating a maximum of 20 minutes for a service, including the time taken by mourners to arrive and depart. 

It is unsurprising, therefore, that many people are seeking alternatives to a traditional cremation funeral. 

And it’s not just about the cost: people are increasingly seeking a less formal or religious funeral, and a more personal or individual one. 

Direct cremation services versus a traditional funeral 

Direct cremations, which now account for one in every 14 funerals, offer an average saving of around £2,900.

They offer a much more flexible alternative to a traditional funeral, allowing people to celebrate the lives of their loved ones in their own way.

Steven Cains, founder of Direct Cremation by Harbour, said: “Currently crematoria have a captive market and can charge what they like. As people become disillusioned with expensive and hurried traditional funeral services, we expect the popularity of a more flexible and fairly-priced service like direct cremation to continue to rise.” 

Memorial service: About Direct Cremation by Harbour

Direct Cremation by Harbour separates the cremation process from the attended service. The cremation happens quickly, allowing a person’s loved ones to personally deliver the ashes anywhere in the country. Family and friends can then hold a service or memorial event whenever and wherever they like. The company is committed to affordability and fair pricing. Prices start from £895.

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