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How to Save While Buying T-Shirts in Bulk

Buying T-shirts in bulk is a very wise option if you are planning to launch your t-shirt brand, purchase outfits for your team or organization, or just willing to surprise your family without spending much. If you order tees in bulk, your choice range increases as then you get to choose from a wider range of designs, colors, and sizes and that too from the top manufacturers. But for someone new to this concept, placing bulk orders may seem to be an overwhelming process as they might think that getting the perfect shape, size, and design within the best possible deal is quite a tough job. Well, saving money during bulk ordering is not that difficult as you think. Want to know how? Continue to read on.

Estimate Your Needs

The basic and first step towards saving is to make a rough estimate of the number of tees you are going to need. Ordering excessive than your need, no doubt will waste your money, but if you have the rough estimation done beforehand then it will become easy for you to grab the best deals. The expense involved in bulk ordering mainly depends on the number of items you are purchasing means that the price per t-shirt will be reduced if you order 300 pieces compared to when you will order 50 or 30 pieces. Ordering tees in bulk for family or organization members is very easy compared to when you are ordering for your brand because you have to analyze your target customer group and, for that, extensive market research is necessary. According to Forbes, market research is the most important rather the difficult part of a business as through it business owners get to know whether their products or services are needed by people or not.

Send a Group Order Form

For getting a more accurate estimation about your order, the best thing that you can do is to distribute a group order form among all the members of your group or organization, mentioning all the necessary options such as sizes, colors, styles, and most importantly, do not forget to mention the due date in the form. After getting the data, analyze them carefully and, find out what and how much you exactly have to order. Look for the most common size and style in the forms and, order some extras of them.

Stick to White T-Shirts

Though ordering tees in bulk is affordable, the price per t-shirt may rise if you order colored t-shirts. So, it is better to order white tees as by ordering white t-shirts you will save considerably on the price per t-shirt. This price rise may not bother you much if your order quantity is low, but the change will be significant if you are willing to place an order for a hundred or more than a hundred t-shirts. Another advantage of ordering white tees is that you can dye them and customize them as per your choice or requirements. You can easily customize the white tees using screen printing, fabric markers, or iron-on transfers to make them match the color scheme of your organization, team, or brand. This is not the only way ordering white t-shirts will save your money, your current order can also bring down the cost of your future orders because you can utilize the leftover t-shirts of the present purchase (if any) and use them for your next project, thus reducing the cost for the next bulk order.

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Consider the Shipping Charges

Besides considering the order cost, you should not forget to consider the shipping and handling charges as well, especially while placing your order online. There are some vendors, who offer great attractive deals on cost per t-shirt but, they try to make up the cost by adding high shipping charges. So you should find vendors who offer free shipping for wholesale orders.

Pay Attention to the Policies

Policies are also an important thing to consider before placing your order. You may end up spending more if you choose a vendor that does not have a good customer service policy. For example, assume that you have received some faulty t-shirts. In such cases, if your vendor does not accept returns, then you have to place a completely new order for getting the proper t-shirts. Also check the shipping policies carefully, especially if you are ordering from an overseas vendor, or if there is a need to receive the order within a fixed time because there are vendors who offer great deals on bulk orders, but may end up taking a month or even more for delivering your order. If your order does not show up in time, you may have to fix a deal with a new vendor leading you to spend more.


These are some ways in which you can save a lot while buying t-shirts in bulk. So once again, while placing a bulk order, do not forget to make a rough estimate of your requirements and give a thorough check to the various policies and charges of the vendor.

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