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What Exchange.cryptex offers

Overview of the Exchange.cryptex service

Nowadays, few people will be surprised by cryptocurrency exchanges that specialize in both areas: simple exchange and trading platform. This format is convenient for most users who find it much easier to use one resource for both exchanging and buying cryptocurrencies, and there is no need to leave their data on some third-party services. Today we will talk about Cryptex, which was previously known only as a trading platform.

When the service announced the launch of the exchange service, users had a lot of questions. The first thing people were interested in, if trading in digital assets remains a priority, how profitable the exchange rate of cryptocurrency will be. Only after that, questions about the fees or the list of possible exchange directions were already raised. Although they should essentially be the main ones.

About the Exchange.cryptex project

Since the Cryptex project was previously known to a wide range of users as a trading platform, we will not talk about this part. But the addition of exchange functionality deserves attention. What the service offers to users today and how it was assessed by BestChange. By the way, often the position in the rating is not an indicator of reliability, but the feedback from customers speaks volumes. There are many of them.

Brief information about the exchange

Visiting the main page, without unnecessary distractions, the user is offered to buy or exchange cryptocurrency. Depending on the purpose of the visit, we choose the appropriate window – in this case “Exchange”. Immediately you pay attention to the fact that there is no interaction with external markets, the best price is formed by the liquid order book of the trading platform. Having received the necessary Blockchain confirmations, the operation is completed by the user at the current rate, updated in real-time.

It is noteworthy that to use the exchange you do not need to register on the site, nor to pass the verification procedure. All you need to have is an e-mail, which will receive information on the status of the order.

With regard to navigation, here we must pay tribute to the owners of the project, because unlike most other similar resources do not use the standard template.

A short summary of the benefits:

– profitable rate;

– round the clock support for users in Russian and English;

– no need to provide personal information;

– reserves are always available, and in case of the lack of it, it is possible to make an individual order from the operator.

These advantages are enough to call the service one of the best.

How the exchange process works

The exchange procedure begins with choosing the asset that you give and want to receive. A brief instruction looks something like this:

– Selecting the cryptocurrency to give and receive;

– Entering the target wallet and email details to receive notifications;

– Reviewing the terms of exchange and confirming them;

– Making payment.

The speed of exchange process depends on the chosen destination. Judging by the reviews left by customers, the fastest will be Perfect Money, funds are received instantly. As for Bitcoin, it will be necessary to wait for three confirmations in the blockchain.

Separately, it is worth noting the rate updated online, which also appears in the confirmation window. It will be fixed only after clicking “Complete exchange”. Funds are sent to the specified details within five minutes. The refund is also possible before the order is completed.

Speaking about the reliable exchange service, we mean not only a favorable rate, but also professional service. You can’t say a word against it here, because the operators are available 24 hours a day and are ready to solve your questions in two languages in all the available communication channels (live chat, ticket, or telegram).

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Sam Allcock
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