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5 Everyday Skills Video Games Can Improve

Video games have a series of ‘Mythical Consequences,’ attached by the society. Many only believe that geeks with no prospects in their future play video games, and no possible benefit can arise from sitting in front of the computer playing games any time of the day or night. Video games are no longer classified as bad for any child or adult, and they will not taint the quality of life expected for your young ones. For instance, playing free slots online can deliver huge wins to you as an individual, sharpen your gaming and enhance your strategical and critical thinking skills and, above all, improve your everyday life. The following are five everyday skills video games can improve.

  • Social life
  • Relaxation technique
  • Multitasking
  • Personal accountability
  • Cognitive growth

1. Social Life 

A person’s social life depends on the number of individuals one meets in a day, hour, or minute. Individuals working at home or staying in the house find it difficult to make friends due to the limited movement. However, engaging in a game with a massive following and online community platforms can solve the issue for you. For instance, Pokemon-Go has one of the largest communities following online. Individuals share the experiences, expectations, challenges and build relationships.

You can engage in activities such as conventions, multiplayer gaming sessions, online game competitions, and many more as a way to interact, meet new gamers and make friends. The experiences derived from these activities are similar to real-life situations. Individuals can learn to speak out, share their ideas or work in a team. The activities emphasize upfront communication. 

2. Relaxation Technique 

Life today is fast-paced, and individuals have little or no time to relax, relieve stress, or prevent chances of suffering from depression. In 2018 according to the Mental Health organization in the UK, 74% of the people in the country experienced stressful situations and had no hope of survival. The American Psychological Association reports that more than three-quarters of the adults’ making up the American population experience stress. The association indicates that 80% of the working population suffers from stress, and 49% indicate that stress does affect their personalities and behaviour.

Therefore, professionals are developing new ways to help individuals achieve a state of relaxation to help deal with stress from any area and aspect of their lives. One such study employed the use of SPARX and online video game. The patients participating in the study had successful treatment, with 44% making a full recovery. Many indicate that playing the game offered quality downtime, a good distraction from teenage problems, immersive, and a quality way to make good friends.

3. Multitasking (Better Concentration and Coordination)

Daphne Bavalier, a cognitive researcher by profession, made quality conclusions regarding individual ability to multitask when faced with distractions. Her study indicated that people who enjoy playing video games are more likely to multitask without experiencing coordination or concentration challenges due to visual movements or acoustic sounds and distractions. The reference video game was Call of Duty, which is noisy during gameplay and requires constant vigilance/focus when playing. 

The video game helps build on your multitasking skill to better your focus on the activities at hand. Therefore, employees tend to improve on their productivity levels. One has to concentrate on the main character, help him navigate complex routes, face potential dangers while adhering to set game rules. At the start, individuals find it hard to keep track of all tasks at a go. But, with time and practice, the ease of playing the game is seamless, and individuals can do several things. The skills do tend to overflow and spill into your regular activities and daily life. You can speak with your friends, keep your characters on the mission to save or retrieve a valued item and monitor your progress and provide improvement or strategical planning and ideas to your team. 

4. Personal Accountability 

Personal accountability when playing video games can help individuals learn and improve on various skills. First, one can learn to love oneself and let go of unwarranted hostilities or stress. Second, you become an expert at dealing with individuals in your life. Lastly, individuals can rewire their brain functions, ensuring that they are much happier and positive minded at all times. Besides, it delivers on productivity and enhances your personal view on various subjects while eliminating any hindrances you may face.

For instance, playing Tetris is a lesson on life, the lesson being “Everything Fits Perfectly.” Individuals should be accountable for having a positive attitude and perspective by reducing negative bias and incorporating a positive Tetris Effect. At the same time, tweaking your game levels and passing through all stages at the least time possible offers a challenge to improve one’s ability to deliver successful and quality work within the shortest period. Each milestone covered comes with benefits in a video game and your work life. It could be a promotion or quality vacation. 

Finally, facing your hurdles by letting go of your frustrations and finding a way out similar to World of Warcraft or American poker 2 online card game. Both games involve employing successful strategies to get a winning combination for the poker game and rescue your team and other survivors on the battlefield! In the game, an individual knows when to press on, provide alternatives, and quit. The same logic applies to real-life situations which can enhance your quality of life. 

5. Cognitive Growth 

Italian researchers indicate that video games can aid young children in developing their cognitive abilities, especially reading. The research conducted back in 2013 concluded that children between the age of 7 and 13 years have better reading skills after exposure to usual video games. The researchers exposed the study population to the Rayman Raving Rabbids, an online game regularly. A control sample where the kids didn’t have exposure to the game showed a slower learning and reading phase than those exposed. 


Everyday skills enable an individual to live a stress-free life, get experience and have fun. However, life can be stressful, especially when juggling various responsibilities, including work, kids, personal time, and more. Playing video games not only provides relief from all the responsibilities, but it also improves your life skills, cognitive capabilities and relieves stress. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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