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7 Major Benefits of Influencer Marketing for Service Business

Today, it’s nearly impossible to scroll through social media without seeing influencers pitch their favourite products and services to their followers. From regular posts or stories to long videos, you’d see how influencer marketing has dominated social platforms.

The great thing about influencer marketing is that it can quickly raise awareness and build your brand online, target your audience, establish win-win partnerships, and most importantly, generate leads and sales.

However, other marketers are hesitant in employing influencer marketing. This is why plenty of businesses and marketers still have questions about what influencer marketing is, how it is done, and its specific benefits to service businesses. After all, problems like fraud and influencer scandals can cause not only reputational damage to influencers but also to the products and services they pitch.

Considering these problems, you might want to ask: Is it worth it for my service business to employ influencer marketing? How can my service business benefit from influencer marketing?

I would definitely argue yes, and the 7 benefits of influencer marketing will prove it. Before that, let me define influencer marketing first.

What is Influencer Marketing?

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Influencer marketing is a form of marketing where brands promote their products and services through recommendations or endorsements from content creators or influencers across the internet. These influencers are often found in social media, blogs, and even podcasts. Not only does influencer marketing raise brand awareness but also results in increased conversion and sales.

Why Is Influencer Marketing Best for Your Service Business?

Because it’s not just a trend that would go away. Influencer marketing is getting more popular and will continue to grow over the coming years, which is why now is the best time to use it in your digital marketing tactics.

  • More people are becoming influencers – as social media platforms grow faster, there are more opportunities for people to become influencers. This means you have better chances of finding an influencer that already has your ideal audience as followers.
  • More content options – influencers are creating better ways of promoting products and services (using videos to the next level) with the aid of new powerful social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook Live, IGTV, Tiktok, and YouTube.
  • Influencers show people reality – people love influencers who show their mistakes and bad days. This kind of transparency drives people to trust and follow them. So, when they endorse your service business, followers are more likely to trust their choices. 

7 Benefits of Influencer Marketing

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  1. Increased Brand Awareness

The immediate benefit of influencer marketing is brand awareness. Most influencers have thousands, even millions of viewers. Based on that, when you partner with influencers (whose niche fits your service business), it will bring you excellent opportunities to reach these potential customers.

When social media users follow an influencer, they are highly exposed to all the products and services the influencer promotes, which means they will get to know more about your service business, your story, your offered solutions, and your overall agenda.

  1. Gains Trust and Credibility

At its most basic, influencers are experts on what they do, which is why they have thousands or millions of followers who trust their opinions and recommendations. Influencer marketing is like having someone who brags about your accomplishments. And, partnering with someone external to your service business (that is highly trusted by your target audience), increases your company’s confidence and credibility.

For instance, when an influencer talks about how weak glutes cause lower back pain and recommends some products or services to alleviate this injury, it instantly establishes trust and credibility for the brand being promoted.

  1. Reaches Your Target Audience

This is a big one. In every business, you need to make sure your service business is placed in front of people who are already interested in your services. With influencer marketing, you don’t have to spend more time to attract your audience – the influencer has already done this for you.

It is also shown that social media users spend plenty of time on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter. So, when influencers feature or mention your services, you can connect to these people on the sites where they spend most of their time.

Additionally, influencer marketing expands your reach. You get a chance to market your services to everyone who follows them.

  1. Better Content Strategy

Let’s be real, producing entertaining and fresh content regularly is not simple and easy. Sometimes you get stuck and will run out of ideas. Influencer marketing can help you fill these gaps in your content.

Influencers themselves can provide high-quality and engaging content that will bring significant benefits to your service business. They can create content with their own unique style that allows the audience to see your service business in a fresh light.

  1. Drives Sales and Higher ROI

Research has shown how influencer marketing can provide businesses extremely high ROI. In fact, on average, it generates $6.10 in sales for every $1. This alone can guarantee that your marketing efforts are paid off. One of the reasons why this is possible is because influencer marketing helps drive high demand for the service.

  1. Improves Your SEO

In Toronto, the best SEO agencies use influencer marketing to improve their search engine optimization (SEO) efforts. This is because influencer marketing produces greater prospects to increase visibility across the internet.

It helps your service website build diverse and strong link profiles (through influencers) that will boost your search rankings. Additionally, they can help you create unique and engaging content that is sharable, increasing your online authority.

However, before doing this, ensure your website is optimized to different devices to provide social users with a great experience. If you need some help, there are top-notch web development agencies in Toronto, and other major cities, that can improve your website.

  1. Provides Value

The heart of digital marketing is to produce content that inspires, educates, and solves the problems of your audience. With influencer marketing, this has already been done. Influencers themselves are already in tune to provide for the needs of their followers. With this, you can leverage their content and at the same time give value to your target market.

Influencer Marketing For Your Service Business

Influencer marketing can be extremely beneficial, and service businesses should consider IT consulting in Toronto. Its advantages will always outweigh its costs as long as you get to choose the right influencers, the right audience, and the right content.

When done right, it can boost your visibility, improve lead generation, increase conversion rates, and promote trust and credibility among the target audience.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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