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Are NCERT books Sufficient for Class 10 Boards?

As your class 10 boards exam approaches, chances are that the tension is gradually mounting. You might have heard your classmates discussing different ways or strategies to performing well in their exams. One piece of advice that you might be hearing is to finish reference books. With so many available options, confusion is found to occur. But, the important thing to note is that if you want to score well in your class 10 boards, all you need to do is focus on your NCERT textbooks.

The question paper for the board exams revolves around the NCERT textbook and the concepts it covers. So, in theory, studying using the NCERT textbook will be more than enough. But, in practice, referring to a reference book from time to time might act as a supplement or an aid. When you are using a Mathematics reference book, you will have a lot of solved problems that will help you understand the concept better. You will also have access to several unsolved problems for practice. Some concepts are explained in better detail in reference books than the NCERT textbooks. It is advised that you use the NCERT textbook and NCERT solutions for class 10 maths as the main study material. You can use the reference books for supplementing your efforts. The reason behind this is that the board exams will be based on the NCERT textbooks. So, if you are familiar with the NCERT textbooks, you don’t need any supplement materials. 

Here are some other benefits you will be able to enjoy by studying NCERT books:

  1. Get an in-depth knowledge of the subject in an easy language

All the NCERT books have been written by experts after extensive research on all the topics. This ensures that all the students like you receive authentic and apt information. These books have been designed to serve all the students, irrespective of what their intelligence quotient is. It has apt knowledge and information in an easy and simple language. All the topics in your NCERT books are presented in a detailed manner. So, if you study the NCERT books meticulously, you will be able to get a thorough understanding of all the complex topics.

  1. Follows the CBSE curriculum strictly

This is one more reason why NCERT books can be of great use to you. Since these books adhere strictly to the CBSE curriculum, they are more than enough for the board exams. Also, all the question papers of the board exams of the CBSE are set as per the prescribed syllabus. In fact, the concepts they cover form the base for board exams as well as competitive exams like JEE. The textual material of the NCERT helps create this base for you so that you can prepare well for the board exam. 

  1. Understand the fundamentals

NCERT books are not only good enough for covering the complete CBSE syllabus, but are also sufficient for covering all the fundamentals and basics in an easy and simple language. Through this, you can make all your concepts crystal clear. After this, you don’t have to mug up concepts over and over. All you will have to do is revise the terms, formulas, and their execution before the exam. This is why these books are considered ideal for a comprehensive and thorough study that helps in developing a clear concept.

  1. Best for the board exams

If you review the exam papers for past years, you will find that almost all the questions are taken from the NCERT books, directly or indirectly. In fact, even the years that were considered the toughest for the students had questions from the Exemplar problems of NCERT. Sometimes, CBSE gives some complicated problems in the board exams. If you have only mugged up the NCERT books, you might feel like that the question is out of the syllabus. However, you need to understand that you have to understand the concepts and learn how to apply them. You have to read and study the NCERT books carefully because in most cases, there won’t be anything beyond these books in the exam.

  1. Have several problems to solve

It doesn’t matter how hard you study a topic. Until you practice the same, you won’t be able to succeed. At the end of the chapters in the NCERT books, you can find questions ranging from fill-in-the-blanks, match-the-following, or short or long answer type questions. To get good marks on your board papers, you need to practice these questions. Apart from these, you also have to solve the exemplar problems. It will give you a taste of the twisted questions.

Reading the above-mentioned benefits would have helped you realize that NCERT books are enough for scoring well in your class 10th boards exam. However, this doesn’t mean that you don’t need any supplementary books.

Generally, the questions asked during the board exams are from the NCERT books and the concepts they cover. However, reference books play an important role in helping you get an understanding of the subject. In the case of maths, reference books can be used for the different types of problems you can solve. When it comes to Physics and Chemistry, some topics are explained in larger detail in reference books than the NCERT books. You might have to refer to supplementary books for social science and language subjects as well. What you need to do is use the NCERT textbook as your key study material and then use reference books for supplementing your endeavour. 

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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