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B2Broker Group to run a venture fund of $5 million

B2Broker Group continues to pave its path towards market leadership, as the group has announced the official launch of B2Broker VC, a venture fund claimed to push young businesses to new highs. The team responsible for the venture fund development is known for its ultimate success in the financial market through mixing up innovative next-level solutions with many years of experience. The key goal of the newly created fund lies in investing in and developing external products that appear in the fintech sector.

First steps into the venture investment

Investments are an exceptionally important part of the B2Broker Group development, as the first steps originate from 2017 when the corporation first focused on the internal corporate venture fund. At that time the company outlined a clear aim that had lied in providing financial market players with ultimate solutions. With more than $15 million of investments, B2Broker Group has succeeded to launch a set of top-rated internal projects that drive financial businesses to progress. The B2Broker Group ecosystem offers financial products for different market players, including brokers, exchanges, hedge funds, banks, etc.

The following B2Broker internal projects are of particular focus:

  • B2BinPay is a provider for crypto payments that works with both merchants and enterprises, opening the door into the crypto world. Launched in 2017 the project has become the best solution to accept crypto payments in 2021, according to Financial Magnates Award.
  • B2BX is a fully licensed and secure crypto trading platform that invites users to hold, exchange, send, and receive multiple liquid crypto assets.
  • B2Prime is a complex product licensed by the EU and CIS to provide market players with institutional liquidity.

The focus on external projects

Internal products launched by B2Broker Group turn out to become the leading market solutions that face the demand of hundreds of financial players; this is why the corporation decided to transfer its experience to external projects to build a massive ecosystem.

Coinsbuy is among the brightest examples of the B2Broker Group investment into external projects, as the platform has become the best place for newer players to buy and sell digital currencies with bank cards, e-wallets, or wire transfers.

As such, the B2Broker VC fund will specialize in projects related to fintech and IT sectors and startups created for brokerage companies.

How does it work?

What are the must-have aspects to become a B2Broker VC partner? The first and foremost concern lies in the necessity to share the same opinions and goals that B2Broker Group does. Partners need to have a deep understanding of the market and strive for perfection, providing their clients with ultimate solutions.

Venture Capital is not about short-term partnership. B2Broker Group is looking for strategic cooperation with mutual benefits that will enable both sides to move towards global leadership in the chosen industry.

While talking about the terms and conditions of investments, those are discussable, as the VC fund aims to find the best-matching option for both sides. Equity holdings, convertible loans, and other investment practices are possible.

When a project corresponds with the VC fund priorities, and a company wishes to become the B2Broker Group partner, the following steps are mandatory:

  1. Get all the required documents prepared and apply to the VC fund.
  2. The next step includes the evaluation of the project’s performance. Some additional meetings and measurements may take place to come up with the final decision.
  3. When your project is chosen as the subject of VC investment, the first tranche is transferred within 2-6 months.

As for sectors that the Venture Capital fund is primarily focused on, the following ones are pointed out as compliant with B2Broker Group goals and vision:

  • Products related to financial markets: Forex, cryptocurrencies, CFDs, securities, etc.
  • IT development products, including payment providers, trading platforms, analytical systems, etc. The following products are of particular investment interest: interaction with MetaTrader 4 and 5 platforms, platforms for Forex and CFD trading, solutions for trading cryptocurrencies and securities, projects for liquidity providing, and market-making.
  • Automation projects.
  • Products and services that correspond with the B2Broker ecosystem’s needs.

The partnership with the VC fund goes far beyond the investments, as a company gets an opportunity to make a technological jump, accessing the B2Broker Group infrastructure and using many years of experience. We are interested to partner with market leaders and do everything possible to drive your business to the leading positions.

How to submit an application?

B2Broker VC has a clear mission and never steps back from its principles; this is why every company that matches herein mentioned demands and goals may become our partner no matter what the company’s size or the experience of its founders are.

Send us an application email to or visit our website to get more information on how to reach the highest peaks together with B2Broker Group.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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