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Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies

The Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies is one of a growing number of qualifications that combine academic and practical education to prepare students for a range of career options. Provided by Prestige Training Services (PTS) in Queensland, Australia and developed with Queensland Police the course offers participants a broad-based curriculum that provides value to anyone considering a career anywhere in the criminal justice system or a number of associated areas.

The qualification is particularly useful for providing a grounding not just in the relevant knowledge, but also the underlying principles. Although education has, traditionally, tended towards a model of specialism, with many courses devising their curriculum around a few specific career options, there is an increasing move towards education that prepares students for a life of learning and development. The Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies, will, therefore, include elements of current law and practice, but also some core legal principles that underpin the justice system and persist beyond changes in law.

The Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies is a mid-level qualification and suitable for high-school level students. It, therefore, provides an excellent opportunity for students to take a course that allows them to get a flavor of what work in a range of occupations might entail. Although developed in conjunction with Queensland Police the qualification is recognized Australia-wide and suitable for any job that is in, or works with, the criminal justice sector. It’s not just for those considering becoming a police officer, so, although it will give a candidate an edge if they were applying to become a police officer, it also helps those thinking about careers across the legal and criminal justice system like corrective services roles, legal offices, customs service, security, private investigations, youth justice, or legal centers.

While any qualifications help job applicants stand out, this is especially true of the Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies, and other PTS courses, that cater for a range of potential careers. By combining academic studies with practical work, it creates transferable skills that can be used almost anywhere. And the mix means that students develop both practical skills as well developing the understanding of core principles and critical thinking that will last them throughout a relevant career.

Tracy Kearney, the CEO and Founder of PST, said, “the Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies is a sound, broad-based qualification that can kickstart a career in justice-related professions. The crime and justice industry is growing, and we certainly aim to keep up to speed with, and exceed, market needs.”

Whether that growth and interest is down to increased news coverage or the growing popularity of police procedural drama, the Certificate IV in Crime and Justice Studies provides an excellent opportunity for anyone considering a career in the sector. Suitable for both those at the beginning of their working lives and career changers the qualification is an ideal opportunity to find out what a potential criminal justice-related career might involve, while developing skills along the way.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
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