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How a well-crafted brand increases awareness and profitability

If you are starting a business in the 21st century, branding is a term that will be thrown at you. Right from the get-go, when you try to gather up investors downright to when you are trying to amass clientele for your product or services, you will encounter the question, ‘What is your brand?’ more times than you can count. A business’s success is rooted in its branding because it is the one tool you will keep with you throughout your journey as a business owner. A well-crafted brand is the foundation of any business; it sets you apart from your competitors and gives your company visibility in a cutthroat industry.

Good branding is considered a valuable investment; that is why many entrepreneurs are hell-bent on building and protecting a powerful brand. Branding is a practical marketing strategy; however, it plays a significant role in increasing awareness and profitability for a business. Thus, there is a connection between branding and revenue generation and business awareness. Let’s get specific with the piece below. 

How good branding relates to improved awareness

  1. It keeps your business on the client radar

Awareness is what sets apart household names from other businesses in the market. Presenting your value proposition to clients gives them a reason to choose you. When crafting a good brand, it is essential to focus on solving your client’s problem. Thus, whenever they think about a solution, your brand is the first thing that pops into their minds.

  1. Provides market recall

Creating a memorable business logo is just as important as delivering promises to your customer. Brand recognition is part of brand awareness; thus, many business owners are invested in creating relevant visuals for the brand. Developing a logo customers can recall is not everyone’s forte; however, you can always bring in a professional design agency to help create visual elements that attribute to your brand and keep you in customers’ minds. A logo that prospects easily recall gains increased recognition and later improved awareness.

  1. Generates new clientele

Social media has taken marketing to a whole different level, with ‘word of mouth’ remaining a top marketing tool. However, before customers can refer others to your business, they should have to and remember your brand. Only through unified branding will they share your products and services with their friends and online followers, allowing your organization to generate new customers.

  1. Cultivates customer loyalty

Would you spend your money on purchases from a company you do not trust? There you go! That is the same way branding works. Branding answers the questions on your reputation and integrity as a business. Clients cannot trust you when they have unanswered questions about your company; however, you can foster trust by delivering what you advertise through branding. Building a solid brand structure inspires loyalty in clients and convinces them to choose you over and over. The awareness of your brand and the business’s reputation is what improves customer retention.

Ways successful branding leads to increased revenue

  1. Increased shareholder returns

Portfolios of strong brands provide significantly larger returns with a low market risk for shareholders. For example, different reports show that companies with solid reputations offer a shareholder return of 31% higher than their competitors.

  1. Faster revenue generation

Companies with strong brands are proven to have employees that are more engaged than their competitors. With this, the revenue generation tends to be thrice as much as other businesses, which means increased profits for the company.

3  Better customer connection

In the long term, companies want repeat customers. Repeat customers translate to sales which contribute to the business’s profits. But before clients can pledge their loyalty and money to you and your business, they need to know what you are talking about by understanding your brand. Good branding improves business-customer connection, and reports show that companies with better customer relations have higher revenue growth. 

Branding is a valuable investment for any business, and as seen above, there is a lot a company can benefit from creating a good brand. While a solid brand architecture is hard to nail down, the outcome has a positive impact on the business’s brand awareness and revenue generation. So reach out to an expert and focus on creating a brand that will generate interest and market visibility for your business.

Sam Allcock
Sam Allcock
Sam heads up Cheshire-based PR Fire, an online platform that has already helped over 10,000 businesses to grab widespread media coverage on their news at an extremely accessible price point.

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