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How to Incorporate Copper into Your Interior Design

Metal has been used as part of interior design for years. Whether you’re looking for a great way to make your belongings last longer to save money, or you’re searching for the perfect way to spice up your interior design, metal is the perfect choice. From stunning silver to vibrant brass to shiny gold, it’s a highly versatile and durable option for a wide range of items within your home.

In particular, copper has been popular due to its high resistance, malleability, and conductivity. This makes it ideal for plumbing, piping, and kitchen utensils. However, copper is not just a functional metal. With its stunning finish and warm tone, it can take your interior design to the next level. A copper sheet can bring a plain piece of furniture to life and gives your living space a touch of elegance.

So, how exactly do you incorporate copper into your home?

Home Accessories

Buying copper accessories is a great stepping stone if you’re not quite ready to go all out with using copper on your walls or in your furniture. Buying copper kitchen utensils, pots, and pans to keep on display in your kitchen is a simple and easy way to use the metal in your décor.

Bedding, pillows, and other bedroom accessories also look great with a touch of copper to contract the rest of your décor. Whether your style is contemporary, neutral, natural, or vintage, copper makes the perfect accent.

You can buy copper mirrors or pictures frames to hang up on the walls as an alternative to traditional gold and silver frames. It reflects natural light to produce a gorgeous golden glow. Place your copper frames near to window and doors to maximize the rosy tones across your room.

Tables and Chairs

Whether it’s made out of copper or painted a gorgeous copper tone, there are several pieces of furniture that you can buy to easily incorporate this stunning metal into your home. Tables, chairs, kitchen cupboards, sideboards, bedside cabinets…the list is endless. If you don’t want to buy brand-new items, grab a tin of copper paint to coat your existing furniture and experience copper in all its glory.


Replace your old and rusty doorknobs and cabinet handles with copper and your whole house will immediately gain a whole new breath of life. Although they are just a small part of your interior décor, changing your handles makes all the difference and since copper is a highly durable material, you won’t have to worry about replacing them any time soon.

Light Fixtures

Copper looks beautiful as part of modern-day lighting options, such as lamps, chandeliers, and ceiling fixtures. It reflects the light tremendously and can brighten a dark room immediately. As it’s easy to clean your lights can remain shiny and new for years to come.


Copper can be incorporated into several flooring materials. You can get carpets that contain flecks of copper to add a hint of shimmer or concrete embossed tiles with stunning copper patterns. This is a subtle way to add the metal into your home if you’re testing the waters before committing to copper accessories and furniture.

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